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It’ll be the same as Alex Jones - documents that don’t exist. So he destroyed the documents. They will then charge him with destruction of classified material. After that he “can’t hold office” which scotus will overrule because constitution is clear you can’t bar someone for running for president for that.

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Remember, Biden is owned by China. So is Pelosi, you think she went to Taiwan without China suggesting?

No. It’s all planned.

Inflation, expensive food, attacking political opponents. They’re hoping we pick up arms. They’ve spent the last year purging the military and FBI. They’ve built an index of the domestic terrorists (everyone opposed to them).

Now they take the remainder of the leadership. Bannon, Trump, Jones, etc.

The war has been here and if the right can take the local elections they can be organized in leaving together. Picking up arms prior to an organized withdrawal will allow them to crush everyone.

Where you going to aim bud?

We need to organize locally, talk to your local reps and say you want to support forming a separate federation. That’s how you win.

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Look up the 2020 bill changing immigration for the first time in 70 years; removing per-country caps. Basically gave Chinese the majority of green cards (for education) followed by Indian.

It was middle of the night on the weekend - https://iiusa.org/blog/senate-passes-s386/

The reason this was / is a big deal is it removes diversity among green card recipients (much more rapidly than before) and hands it directly to China and India. Neither cultures want to integrate into ours.

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They aren’t going to invade. They’re going blockade. They’ll just keep the live fire drills going and eventually people will realize what’s going on. Unfortunately, by that point the island will be less prepared. I’m not sure we are willing to break a blockade (or if the dems are straight in the Chinese pocket to the point they’ll override public will / military advice or what).

Taiwan is very defendable, China doesn’t have a way to get people on the island today. The level of degrading that would need to take place prior to a land invasion would be on the order of months to years.

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Tbf thomas from the beginning said affirmative action is racist and unconstitutional.

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I enjoy that there are gadsden flag license plates… not only are you paying the government a fee to get one. If now gets you on the terrorist watch list lol

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Should note, that trend appeared to start in West Virginia. DeSantis often gets all the credit, but other states are pushing limits as well

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Hay prices are up 5x from 2020. Fertilizer and gas prices are 2x this year and I suspect will be even higher next year. Couple all this with the fact skipping fertilizer this year will cause less hay next year AND less beef cattle. We’re looking at 2x - 3x beef prices next fall imo.

Best to buy beef now and next spring.

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I’ll do it for $5k a piece.

In all seriousness, if this were just about votes… they would need to spend less. Imo they won’t actually do anything. It’s a carrot - “get us re-elected we will do Xxx”

How’d that repeal of Obamacare go when the republicans held the house? Oh yeah…

Same shit.

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There’s no constitutional mechanism, but that doesn’t necessarily change what in-reality can happen

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She likes her ice cream too yo..

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Oz is only a senate seat, there’s a lot more at stake (governorship for instance).

Vote fetterman, replace him when he dies; word is he can’t even speak.

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Max is actually 12 months, judge (Trump appointee) already said he doesn’t agree with what’s happening, but precedent and law is set. Judge also stripped Bannon of any defense basically (such as it’s an illegally formed committee).

Most likely outcome is a month or two of jail, but bail pending appeal. Most of the claims will need to go up to the Supreme Court unfortunately. Given the situation. The initial judge sets the sentence, appeals can remove bail. Imo he won’t serve more than a couple months

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Lol SRC is basically intels semi-public research arm (also funded partially by DOD).

I don’t think they have a “plan” to make anyone a cyborg per-se. they’re just working on 3D computer chips that can process more. Main issue is heat though, so not really sure how that’ll work.

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Remember since April 2020 banks no longer have to keep any reserve. Meaning, they can literally loan an infinite amount of money.

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There’s one company in particular that fucked me over at one point a few years ago (smaller - probably 30-40 employees).

Over the course of the next few years I systematically went to their customers and provided better alternatives (growing friends a business). I suggested friends who got job offers not to work for this company. Didn’t pull any BS woke cancel crap, just shared my story and suggested who I transferred my business to.

They went out of business last year and I like to think I did my part.

Reality is that a few pissed customers providing constant low intensity effort can fuck a business long term.

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Then I should be able to discriminate based on race at my business. Or refuse entry because your armed.

No dude. The point of the constitution is it’s the Law of the Land. All the land, everything inside it. SCOTUS has ruled as such many times, just not in this case.

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Why does the first amendment not apply to businesses?

Particularly, when you build a public square, ask everyone to participate then quietly ban people. That’s classic first amendment violation, even if it’s by a private actor. It’s not a private space.

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Anyone else notice they always use the same loud helicopter sound... even though the blades are never moving? Notice the blur around bidens silhouette as well... seems fake

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It’s an inalienable right, no one can take it away. Not even government. They can try, but at the end of the day, they’re acting against the natural law.

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