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Okay, this person now has the biological function of a woman, now what? Are they anymore happy? They went through tons of hoops and became a freak of science.

Would they be anymore happy if they accepted the reality of being born a man, took the temporary pain that came with that, and then tried being an optimist about it. I mean they would at least be $200k richer no doubt.

I was born with Asperger’s syndrome. It sucks because I suck at communicating with other people as intellectually as I would like. But I have come to terms with it and have developed habits to best allow me to be happy even with my issues communicating with people.

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Hair dyes should not be used by kids, they typically contain chemicals in them that can damage hair or are carcinogenic. Since the child has not sufficiently developed the skills to analyze risk vs. reward yet, it is up to you to make the decisions that keep your child away from potential harm up into they develop that ability.

Furthermore, hair dying draws attention to your child from other kids which can lead into bullying at a young age. While kids tend to enjoy excess attention, that excess attention can also result in them not developing close bonds.

Any parent that dyes their child's hair is doing a poor job.

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Been doing this myself for a while. Public makes no sense for most of the things we refer to as public, because you sure as hell don't have access to them.

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Federalizing the elections is the stupidest idea ever. It makes it a whole lot easier to steal and as government becomes bigger efficiency decreases as well. So you would have this big system that has so many cracks in it that could be stolen immediately.

What I want is for Unsolicited Mail-In voting to be banned. When you send out votes to a bunch of people en masse based on voter rolls, you allow for collection. Remember how Steven Crowder voted in a state he didn’t live in anymore? This happened with the president of my campus Republican club wherein he received ballots for other states. Regular Mail-In voting wherein you have to request for the ballot and give preliminary information and a signature (either digital or physical) works.

I also am concerned about tabulators and voting machines. These pieces of technology can be programmed maliciously, how do we know they aren’t. The only way is to break them open and look inside. And if they are connected to the internet in any way as individual devices that means they can send/receive packets which means that data can get posted and updated to them remotely.

I want independent inspections of that device, no trade secrets. You do not get trade secrets on these machines.

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They are not fascist in so that they do not recognize the rich as members of the nation and tools for the nation, instead preferring the destruction of the rich. The fascists are also not globalist.

Fascism is oppressor-oppressed dynamics among national lines.

Communism is oppressor-oppressed dynamics among class lines.

A fascist would scream “Workers of Germany unite against the evil British capitalists that enslave us”

A communist would scream “Workers of the world unite against the evil capitalists that enslave us”

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“May” means “Will”

Particularly if we experience the seasonal spike in cases and deaths that comes with winter. It will be used to further justify everything.

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While the definition is correct in praxis, it is ideological not informed. To understand, fascism is the result of Marxism meeting nationalistic, but rather destitute nations.

From the fascist view, they could not have themselves hating the nation's rich (because they were still countrymen) and thought of perhaps using them as a tool for achieving the Marxist utopia. This combined with extreme nationalistic tendencies results in praxis of a merger of corporations and state.

In terms of definition of republican vs democrat, fascism is technically allowable under the precise definition of those words. A republican being someone who wants their nation to become more republican (i.e. have representation by a small legislation/small government) and democrat being someone who wants their nation to become more democratic (i.e. have representation by a large legislation/big government). Both republicans and democrats, supposedly, act out of a liberal framework of the guarantee of liberties/prevention of coercion and a representative framework of people being able to choose their leadership.

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It is fake and I am not sure why he would need it, there is executive Privledge which all presidents gain which exists to prevent other presidents from causing issues with them.

Trump has been thoroughly investigation and nothing exists outside the normal. Trump did pardon at the end of his presidency, but most of them were not political pardons, but rather standard issue. He even pardoned some avid anti-Trump people.

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What the social media has going for it is the Trump brand. That is a good brand and will definently get a large following on it, but it needs to be good and at least as usable as the other social medias to be able to do any damage.

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You can also run ADs.

But yes, they monetize both Advertisements and selling user data to make cash. I think Trump will likely go full into the Advertisement route, similar to Gab and other social medias.

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Okay, explain to me the monetary potential of DWAC? How does the company make money? Why should I jump in on the volatility where the ups and downs are destined to be extreme.

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Please do not think DWAC is GME.

Please be considerate of DWAC as it is a SPAC.

As a principle, I do not invest in SPACs until they at least announce who they are courting for a merger.

As a long-term hold, there is no telling or historical information on which to make an informed decision on DWAC.

The stock is purely made up of hype.

No one is shorting DWAC, most IPOs do not have people mass shorting them because there is no historical data to back up the algorithms. Most big businesses haven't had any time to even process mass shorting the stock.

If you are investing in DWAC, be very careful, the stock is likely to be very, very volatile due to the lack of historical information. This ballooning is likely to be followed by a crash, followed by another balloon, etc... And each political side will use that as fodder, which is just dumb. It will likely settle out when the acquisition for merger is declared.

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Can we get a shooting star version of this?

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No criminal charges have been dropped yet. They still do not know the situation that led into death yet, but it is very possible for a civil suit for negligence with the prop gun against the studio. Based on the story given now, I offer my condolences to the lady who died and hope this gets worked out.

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To be clear on the Jewish Space Laser story. It was actually about the Rothschilds investing in a satellite company that was developing lasers to transfer energy from the satellites to the earth. There was some suspicious activity by this company prior to the Californian wildfires which MTG shared. MTG, I believe has commented that none of her speculation was conclusive, but no one seems to be intent on disproving that there’re space lasers available to the Rothschild family or not.

It is only really used as a smear on MTG to reject her out of hand instead of listening to any of her arguments. Meanwhile, MTG is extremely popular with her base, while Cheney is not and is likely to be voted out unless democrats support her rather than republicans.

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Okay, I get that it is good fun to force some stock up to show your support, but please understand that this business has no products yet. If you are looking at this for a long-term holding, try and be considerate and wait for their to be some additional information and to see it make cash flow.

I, personally really dislike SPACs and my love of Trump is not going to hold me back from expressing that.

In politics news, what I find interesting is that Trump seems to be using 2020-2024 to fight economically instead of politically at this time. I think he believes that he needs a significant infrastructure backing to force his and our will through the government. For that he seems to be trying to build up media companies and integrate that into his brand.

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Ah yes, a bunch of people you don’t like entered a building that they shouldn’t have entered.

You have to have -20 IQ to believe this shit, they all know that they are lying through their teeth and trying to make it seem like their is some master plan. It is Russia all over again. It is a Van Jone’s Barbeque and Hot Sauce Nothingburger.

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As far as we know extra-terrestrial is offensive to the aliens we have not encountered. It might mean fuck you in their language.

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Let’s just stop and think about this for a second.

“Alien” is derogatory to “Extra-terrestrials”, which are extremely unlikely to speak “English” and believe that any set of noises is derogatory to them.

Like if someone came up to you and called you a “binaclop” that you would find that derogatory in any way shape or form?

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I have a lesbian friend as well and I’ve talked about this as well. One of the things she asked is that if she and her girlfriend were to adopt a parent-less child, would I accept that as a marriage? I came to the conclusion that I would, but only on the condition that the child had male role model that engages with the child incredibly often. (Like at least 3 hours a week)

The reasoning is that marriage as a concept exists for bringing in the next generation. And the next generation needs good local role models that represent both masculinity and femininity.

Having someone who is masculine nearby when you are growing up as a young boy is important because you have someone to take your energy out on and someone who can put you into order. Without this, you are left with the criminal behavior and acting out.

For girls, having someone masculine nearby helps provide comfort/safety and prevents a fear or distaste of men because they have to deal with schoolboys, whom are quite immature.

For young boys having someone feminine provides a caring attitude that isn’t so stoic and prevent a fear or distaste of schoolgirls who can be quite snooty.

Having someone feminine growing up for girls is important because girls need someone who can arm them against the scorn of other women and deal with some internal particulars.

So long as the reasoning for marriage is fulfilled, how it is done doesn’t matter as much, but the redefinition destroys the reasoning. So there is no creation of anything new of value in resolution, just deconstruction.

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  1. I think the rule is a reasonable one that submitting audio/visual materials in advance allows for keeping things flowing well for organization.
  2. But no one voted on that, therefore it has no legitimacy.
  3. To use that protocol out of nowhere means that you wish to prevent the showing and blindside the opposition. If Jim Jordan and other members of Congress should be informed in advance if there’re certain rules or ways they need to act to best make things smooth.
  4. Rules should be voted on though.
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I personally don't jump into companies that don't have products yet, but I will definently jump in once DWAC has something.

(Companies without products are just too outside my risk tolerance)

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I was young when the whole gay marriage debacle was about and really didn't understand why it was an issue, but living now I recognize the tactic. It is to destroy the traditional understanding of the world. It is to remove the magic that makes things work.

Marriage has been becoming more and more mechanical. It is now just seen as joining together with someone to be jointly responsible for specific assets and taxes. At some point soon in the future, people will reject marriage as a concept all together. The feminists have laid the ground work for years to say that the very concept of becoming jointly responsible for specific assets and taxes is sexist. Eventually, the idea of marriage and what it means for people will be so thoroughly destroyed that kids will grow up raised by a single family without knowing who the other is as their parent goes from mom to mom or dad to dad. And soon after we abandon that, why even raise your own kids?

Redefinition removes the reasoning and soon enough the institution collapses, but the need remains nonetheless.

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This type of situation splits at the heart of the left,

Do black jokes matter? Or do trans feelings matter?

Either you preserve Trans Feelings by getting rid of Black jokes or you preserve Black Jokes and hurt trans feelings.

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This strategy is by far one of the best concocted if we can get people to do it (I personally cannot because I am nomading around right now, but if I wasn’t I most certainly would)

The advantages are clear:

  1. You localize the political battles, winning local battles can add up to a point wherein the elites have no choice but to listen and give concessions to us MAGA folk.
  2. You form pseudo-militias in case of SHTF (Shit Hitting the Fan), which should white pill some doomer a among us who are scared of that.
  3. It is easy to do and can be really fun. You get to hang out with some real Pedes and hopefully you meet that one kind granny that brings snacks to the meetings.
  4. You can make news. You can get politicians into power who are willing to not cower but stand tall and produce a specific outcome that the lamestream media can’t ignore. And with the lame stream not being able to ignore it; That means it is demoralization fuel.

Now it should be pretty obvious that the left may copy this strategy, because it makes sense for effecting change. Do not worry: we just need to do it more numbers than they and also I think that the progressives are not anywhere near as a big a threat to the MAGA movement as the establishment, so them trying to take out the establishment makes it easier for us to win part 2. (If we get power, it is important that we go full localist and restore the 10th amendment and use it. The federal government is 90% deep state, so it is quicker to shut it down than to try and clear house, meanwhile state governments are like 30% deep state and local governments can range from 0-5%. Restoring 10th amendment powers is to move deep state influence from 90% to 30% which makes cleaning house a whole lot easier)

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