At the crack of dawn France has now banned the unvaxxed from hospitals unless its for "emergencies".

This is why the hospitals are making every one get vaxxed. They will roll out rules that if you aren't vaxxed you cannot come in. If nurses or doctors didn't have the shot someone would stand up for the medical tyranny. But with everyone who refuses fired there are only sheeple who will gladly watch an unvaxxed person die at the steps of the hospital.

Mark it down this is the next step of this war. By October or so they will start banning the unvaxxed from hospitals.


I don't buy into the kill everyone theories. So what I think is happening is they know the efficacy of the vaccine wanes as time goes on and it doesn't stop transmission. So they wanted to get everyone vaxxed and push their vaxx pass before people would have a chance to realize this.

But its falling apart because they weren't quick enough. If they had managed to get it done quicker than there wouldn't be a control group of unvaxxed to compare against and show the fraud of the vaccine.

Thats why they are shitting their pants. Its clear now that the vaccine does not stop transmission, thus making the entire point of the vaxx pass useless. And if the vaxx pass is useless they cannot implement their social credit system.

So they need to get everyone vaxxed and the unvaxxed seperated so the whole thing isn't blown up. Once you are vaxxed then it doesn't matter because you bought in and you can't opt out and thus you will need forever boosters to keep your pass and keep yourself a part of society.

Writing is on the wall.

There maybe protest like in Paris and Italy and UK, but the leaders do not care and are pushing forward. How long until it hits here? We all know Canada is lost already. Mexico may hold out. Blue states ? Weeks, days? Commiefornica can't be far behind from implementing the vax pass?

Its a shame the Europe is lost. Unless everyone rises up its GAME over there. And there are enough Nazi brownshirts that would send people to camps for these vax passes.

IMO they are trying to push this stuff so fast because they know if there are a lot of unvaxxed it will expose that the vaxxs isn't very effective and you still get the virus and transmit it. So it basically means the pass which they want as a means of control is useless. If it does make it so you don't die, well then why do you care if you catch it? The vax pass has no point and thats why they are going full steam ahead before it exposed as a fraud and they can't hide it from the brain dead normies.


Sure why not?

We don't know the effects of the Delta and Lambada on the dead, and do you want little Timmy going to visit grandma's grave and then catching the Rona and killing grandma?

Look with 2 shots and now boosters every quarter there is only so much money er I mean help Big Pharma can make from the sheeple, er I mean give to the people. So how are Pharma execs going to buy another mansion if we only have boosters for 7 billion people, and eventually these people will die of something and thats one less customer.

So the solution is to vaccinate the dead, dig up all the bodies of every person (or animal doens't matter) and start vaxxing them. We are all in this together and we need to build back better. No one is safe until every dead and buried person has been vaxxed.


Yup this is the argument BlueAnon is starting to advance. That basically testing positive for COVID without symptoms means you have the virus and not the disease. So if you are vaxxed and test positive but don't get symptoms the vaxxs prevented the disease of COVID.

Kind of like how there is HIV and AIDS. Thats what after 18 months of casedemics and quarantining asymptomatic people and pretending everyone is a bioweapon, this is what they are going to do to justify the falling efficacy of the so called "vaccine".

Its funny how we are now moving to the world where we don't test people without symptoms and don't count them either, and stop counting people with pre conditions as dying FROM COVID, all things that we said to do from the start.


We know now that the FBI basically planned the entire Whitmer plot, and as a part of that plot they also stormed the Capitol bulding during a protest in an attempt to get Whitmer. And due to some actual for once journalism we know that one of the informants was wired that day, told his buddies that they were going to break in, and then like magic the cops stood down and everyone was let into the building as long as they took a temperature check.

From there the media did the rest.


You can read any article or remember back to where it was painted as a horrible raycist deadly violent event by MAGA.

The FBI planned this out and then send in their dupes. When they got word they had the cops stand down and then a bunch of protester were caught up and went along, entered into the building walked around, cleaned up after themselves, and left.

The only difference is on 1/6 they had to go bigger so they brought in a bunch of methed out ANTIFA to get violent to ramp up the propaganda. Since the April protest didn't gain as much traction as they wanted.

Oh and funny enough the guy who ran the Whitmer plot is also handling 1/6, funny that.

Its clear as day thanks to the Whitmer expose what happened.


whats up with that?


I just took a look at the charts and its coming close to the Jan peak and is already surpassing anything where Trump was in charge. On Nov 3rd Trump had 23K or so cases. Now its at 48K.

Now I know the numbers are jimmied up, but lets be honest if Trump was in charge they would be attacking him saying he is killing everyone demanding lockdowns and going insane blaming him for not stopping the Delta.

But they are silent now that Biden is in charge.


"They're very, very effective, but not 100%, and as a higher proportion of the population is double-vaccinated, it's inevitable that those 10% of that very large number remain at risk, and therefore will be amongst the people who both catch the infection and end up in hospital."

I mean these fucks can lie now with a straight face. Do they think we are all retarded. How is the remaining 10% of unvaxxed going to be in the hospital if 60% of the patients in the hospital got the jab?

Don't believe your eyes or the stats be afraid if you don't get the science Juice you will die in the hospital even though the majority in the hospital and dying got a double dose of the science semen.

Did you guys notice this?

So with masks we were told they would end the pandemic. CDC director said they were better than a vaccine


Biden said 100 days of mask wearing and that would significantly reduce transmission. Every liberal Karen and Ken went on and on that mask wearing would end the pandemic. Masks explained why Asian countries or any other country didn't have deaths/cases.

If you pointed out that masks weren't working then it was blamed on anti-maskers. If you said that person wore a mask and got infected then the goal post shifted to mask don't work 100% of the time they just help reduce viral loads.

And now with vaxxs its the same thing. At first they said its 95% effective, with some even saying its 100% effective. Basically saying that herd immunity can only come from the vaxxs and you are protected with it.

And of course now the narrative is changing. The virus spreads and mutates . because of anti vaxxers. Just like with the masks. If there was 80% mask compliance it was the 20%. If your Israel or the UK with high vaxxs its because of the small % of anti vaxxers.

The goal post moved as well from total protection, to it just stops you from going to the hospital. Which like masks which were 100% protection more effective than a vaxxs to well it doesn't work all the time, now thats the story of vaxxs.

Masks became mandatory, vaxxs is becoming mandatory. No mask you get fined, maybe sent to jail. No vaxxs, in France you get sent to jail or fined. Can't fly without a mask, can't fly without a Jab.

Its the same playbook.


I always remember vaccines were to prevent infections, but now in 2021 it seems that vaccines don't do that.

So in 2022 will vaccines not protect against infection and also death as well once the vaxxed start dying?

Seems to me the goal post got moved and now BlueAnon is saying the vaxxs was never there to stop infection and transmission its only so you don't wind up dead or in the hospital.


What other word is there for it when white western culture is being attacked and erased? Just because the bodies have not started piling up yet, according to the definition there is an attempted genocide going on right now on Western white culture and no one can deny it.

Anyone have the latest PHE numbers? The one with the breakdown of Vaxxs Delta deaths vs non vaxxed Delta deaths? I am trying to find it on their website but cant. Last update I saw was week 18 back at the end of June where the overwhelming deaths were in the vaxxs group. Curious what the break down is now.


Anyone know who this Phyllis Buster and Ray Cist are?

Democrats keep talking about them so I am really curious whats the connection to Democrats? Were they grand wizards in the KKK or something?

Why do they want to get rid of Phyllis and Ray?


Remember when vaxxs pass and mandatory vaccine was all a right wing Q conspiracy. those were the good old days.

It is scary how fast the left is mainstreaming the idea of mandatory vaxxs and shutting unvaxxed out of society and up to imprisoning/killing them. Seriously interact with any leftist or read some bots online and you will see them pushing the idea of sending unvaxxed to prison.

Things are moving so fast I can see the idea of anyone with a vax forced in a quarantine zone happening before the next election.


Does anyone have a list about the people arrested for assaulting the cops?

I only know of 2 for "assaulting" Sicnick but the case is super weak. There was also the guy who attacked the eyes of an officer.

Dems made a big deal about all the injured cops, so you would think that the people who attacked them would be front and center.

Just curious who the people are that attacked the cops. Its like the grandmas and people who put their feet up get more attention from the FBI.


RSBN 300K and Trump didn't take the stage yet. Who knows what the final numbers end up.

You know TPTB won't stand for this. YT already tried to kill them by banning their channel one day before the rally.

So when does Rumbles servers get pulled and its shut down. I have to say before Trumps next rally for sure.

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