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Customer service is straight-up gone in 2022. Stores treat us like we’re lucky they’re even open.

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The right of association ended with the passage of the civil rights act.

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Billionaires are megalomaniacal weirdos who cannot help but try to control the world and everyone in it.

Unless they have Asperger’s.

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What they mean is: oil companies are still allowed to set their own prices based on market factors because we don’t live in a centrally planned communist economy… yet.

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You can’t be this retarded, so you have to be a shill.

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If he moves from “why” to “let’s do something about it”, they will kill him or throw him in prison.

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100%. The n word is just a starter pistol. They want to cave your skull in every second of every day. They just need “permission”. And really, they don’t even need that - they lie about people saying the n word all the time because then everyone will excuse the chimp out.

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Jesus Christ, wake the fuck up. These people aren’t idiots. They are malicious. They pretend not to know things because the alternative would be to come clean about their radical leftist agenda, and they can’t do that without waking up the public.

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Yeah, whites replaced native Americans - and that was bad. So why is it okay to do the same thing to whites now? Are we not going to evolve? Is it all just historical vengeance? If that’s the case, why shouldn’t we fight?

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Putin literally told his forces to wait them out. That’s what happened. Only a complete shill would label this a victory for Ukraine.

Seriously, when this ends with Russia in control of Easten Ukraine and western ukraine still not a member of nato, you faggots will still be claiming Russia lost big time - even as they literally accomplish everything they set out to do.

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They have used virtually no air power. Because Putin decided not to simply bomb the hell out of the country.

Naturally, this looks like “losing” to us Americans. Because we don’t hesitate to kill hundreds of thousands of civilians.

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Nah, those people didn’t get their marching orders. That shit won’t happen until closer to the Election

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less altruistic

Translation: not a gullible doormat

hold irrational beliefs (endorse religious and conspiratorial beliefs)

The vast majority of humans endorse religious beliefs. Grouping religion together with conspiracies is deeply offensive to most of the global population.

Conspiracy theorists are just people who know like three things that the CIA has actually done.

lack trust in authority

Trusting authority is completely insane.

hold anti-migrant views

No population in the history of the world has held majority support for mass immigration into their own nation.

believe that one’s own social group is superior to other groups

The only demographic on the planet that does not exhibit in-group bias are white leftists. Literally everyone else favors their own.

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None of their ideas can be accomplished without central planning, which is just another way of saying none of their ideas can be accomplished.

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Whataboutism is a perfectly valid course of action when you are attacking an ideology, a political party, a group of people, etc. Of course leftists call “whataboutism” nonstop - because they are constantly changing positions and inverting their own arguments to suit the current situation. No fixed principles, only the pursuit of power.

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A leftist claiming fallacy is deeply ironic given the entirety of their argument is a fallacy of association.

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Look at the media coverage of Ukraine/Russia. According to the MSM, Russia is committing war crimes nonstop while Ukraine are heroic choirboys who can do no wrong.

You see the exact same thing with white/black crime. MSM breathlessly broadcasting every white criminal while ignoring the far more prevalent black ones.

If you judge circumstances by the selective behavior of media, you would invariably conclude that America is at war against white people. We are the kulaks now.

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If there is ever a national divorce, huge swaths of blue states would break away and join the nearest red state. In fact, most major cities would become tiny blue island “nations” surrounded on all sides by red. And why exactly would those red areas, holding all of the food production, support the tiny hostile blue nations next door? Yeah, the red states would just isolate and takeover the blue cities.

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This is the actually the real problem with the wealth disparity: people who don’t pay taxes don’t vote responsibly.

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Of course they understand. This is cloward-piven in action. They are deliberately sabotaging capitalism in order to usher in a central planned society.

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