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Beautiful. I thought of this early this morning and you made it come alive,,thanks!

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He who controls the Spice controls the universe.

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Nice. I’m paying school tax and putting my child through Christian school. I can afford it, but it looks like DeSantis has your back. Congrats. This shouldn’t even be an issue: If public schools are substandard, the private sector should be allowed to intercede.

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“Is he gonna shit? Or is he gonna kill us?” “First he’s gonna shit. Then he’s gonna kill us!”

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Not back in the 90s, for sure. Used to run from La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club to Scripps Pier three times a week. The couple of times I ran past the pier to Blacks, it was always ugly dudes. Sad. If it’s different now, good for you and the populace.

by fs92c
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She’s the one who said that just saying the word “patriot” on Fox makes the money flow. Tired of the grifters and crooks.

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That square jaw and remnants of an Adam's Apple really make that guy on the top look very feminine!

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So is Meijer grocery stores in Michigan. POS Peter Meijer in Gerald Ford’s old seat. Can’t believe how cucked that chain is. FFS.

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60% of the time it works every time.

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