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Now there's a guy who disappeared into the sunset after Biden stole the election. Anyone remember when r/the_donald got cancelled and Tom Fitton was still posting? That was hilarious to me. Not that he's a bad guy; more that he was so out of the loop that he couldn't understand that we had all moved on to dot win.

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All Dems are closet woman-beaters. I mean, fuck, Ted Kennedy killed Mary Jo Kopeckne and got away clean. How can you drive a car into water and run away as your girl is drowning? Only a fucking headcase could do something so cold blooded and cruel.

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That hog couldn’t fit in a dump truck. This has to be from the Babylon Bee or something.

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“Hero” the same as Peter Meijer. Both a couple of ball gag wearing globalist whores.

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That’s how I felt about so-called “Nipsey Hustle” when that jack ass was in the news for some stupid shit for a week. We’ve enabled a whole swath of morons that normal people seem to worship. Makes no sense at all.

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You’re daft. This isn’t about a virus. Did you wear a mask to the doctor’s office before the joke of Covid? Don’t answer. It’s a rhetorical question.

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But, but, but….they want to be, maybe, sort of. That counts in clown world, doesn’t it?

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You’ll own nothing, eat bugs and be happier! Now get against the wall!

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Dogs fuck the pope. No fault of mine!

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