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"When it comes time to hang the capitalists, they will vie with each other for the rope contract."

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Yep, its called National Socialism for a reason, everytime socialists use fear, they use the weakness of the masses against the brave that will stand up against them.

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Of course they will kill all cats that are outside and call it "humanitarian".

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Non woke speech kills, woke murder is free expression, get with the program bigots.

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Mass psychosis usually leads to mass death, they just need their scapegoats and someone to drive them into a murderous rage/spree against the scapegoats like some sort of preacher and they'll start killing.

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They are a revolutionary group, none of this is revolutionary, nothing you do that helps people and their quality of life is revolutionary, if you want revolution you want people desperate, starving, miserable, well-fed content people don't try to overthrow governments.

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Its always whitey's fault, blame whitey and you get PhDs and millions from academia and CNN.

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They actually banned that pandemic episode, they didn't ban any of the other Jesse Ventura episodes, but they banned that one, makes you think.

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I usually like these new Bond movies, they talk about really complex schemes, Spectre could be seen as the Five Eyes, some of the systems of monitoring they use in the movies are used in real life by intelligence agencies, this was the first one I wouldn't finish, it was just too boring.

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Thats as clear cut case of self defense as the Kyle Rittenhouse one, what is questionable is if they could've pursued Arbery with guns like they did, they were calling the police, were indicated by the police itself to protect that house, if they are convicted they shouldn't spend a lot of time in prison, it wasn't a case of lynching, not even close to that, from the videos we can watch, it was probably a case of Arbery looking for things to steal inside that house, he ran after he saw people were calling the police, then resisted the McMichaels attempts at arresting him, was the citizens arrest lawful? If not then you can argue its murder, a far-fetched possibility is that he was actually jogging and looking into the house, he ran because he freaked out and it turned into him getting killed after taking that gun, that is a possibility but you can't convict if there is enough doubt.

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He was a man that suffered and died suffering. we should have empathy to all, this is the real message of Christianity, we are all fallible and deserve empathy as humans for we don't know what we do to others, the drug war killed George Floyd.

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Lets see what he does, he might incriminate himself, so its not a win, them calling you in front of their their kangaroo committee is not a good thing, he might turn it around somehow but who knows what happens, what they can accuse him of.

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Fake but soon will be true, he has a huge case against most leftist media, Joy Reid or whatever, Biden, they posted a picture of him directly talking about white supremacists, this is slander and could even be considered incitement against him, its like a direct threat to you, they stoked up mobs against him.

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