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Looks like there were several answers to your question.

Here's a video. Note most stems need a 1/2" hole, not a 3/4" hole. You can get stems at Wal-Mart, Home Depot, or any Auto Parts store.


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All of my gas cans are modified. Now they actually work.

BTW, you can create a vent from a tire stem and 1/2" drill. Order spouts off Amazon.

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Hmm... This is a complex answer that I will attempt to summarize. I'll have to summon all of my advanced English Language and Technical Writing Skills. Here goes...

Windmills do not work if the goal is reliable electricity generation.

BUT if the goal is knocking "Birds of Prey" of the sky, windmills are the greatest!

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They are showing more of a strict constructionist trend which is a win for State's Rights and the10th Amendment.

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Hmm... I'm betting it can go lower.

I mean, what was it that Barry himself said about Joe?????

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Since this thread is about Robert James Ritchie, let me leave you with this...

tremendous video>>>>


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The delegation of powers is what is at the heart of the WV v EPA ruling.

So, can the legislature delegate its authority to set election procedures? The constitution puts this burden upon state legislatures, not govs, not sos. So, is that delegation valid?

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Big news. Welcomed by business of all types.

Hopefully only a first step in reigning in the regulatory agencies.

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