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Contract worker/Independent Contractor not an employee.

So, the premise is wrong from the start.

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I would say the combination of SpaceX and Tesla qualify him as genius and very hard working.

Now, the only EV I would drive must be carrying golf clubs on the back. However, the technology in the Tesla is impressive. But as a daily driver or primary transportation, I would never own one. Will stick w/ my 4x4 truck.

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Never once considered Musk a conservative. Do consider him an ally for free speech, open discussion of ideas, and lively debate.

Also, consider him a technical genius who believes in hard work.

So, there is common ground and that is a start!

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Since there has been speculation and pressure to remove Twitter from Google Play and App Store, just thought I would point this out.

Obviously, Android (Google) and Apple have the market share, many are unaware there are other systems.

BTW, this Blu phone company makes some inexpensive gear. Never tried it but looks impressive.

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Musk should immediately announce plans for a new phone to compete w/ the Iphone, and android market.

Android was originally open source. Commercial android is googlized and sold on devices.

Musk could introduce a true open-source phone utilizing,

graphene, tizen, ubuntu, et al.

Certain new phones will run these systems but of course there is no warranty.

Most of the open source sytems will run android apps.

Have been saying next target, Youtube. Perhaps it should be Youtube, Apple, and Google!

google play alternatives:


BTW, between SpaceX and Starlink, technical knowledge already in place for a venture such as this.

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Closed primaries would take care of it.

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Well, his goal should the enriching the shareholders. If he is the lone shareholder the goal remains the same.

I would expect him to act accordingly.

The market will reward a true free speech platform.

This particular platform has not even scratched the surface as to what it could become. Next target, youtube.

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Of course, he does.

Whenever necessary, they get the band back together. Allred can't be far behind.

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However, the margins were definitely small enough for these events to have affected the outcome.

Telling voters to wait until election day and eschew mail ballots is the "DUMBEST POLITICAL STRATEGY OF ALL TIME".

These states are tacitly allowing ballot harvesting and giving about 45 days or so to get it done. DEMS don't even campaign anymore. They just bank ballots.

R's need to get the game that is being played. CA R's have learned the game.

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Not everyone has to “code”

Only those that want to work for Elon, I guess.

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Oh yeah, that was it. Thanks for the reminder.

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Elon actually running the business to be financially successful. That's a foreign concept over there.

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