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The case of Lucio Dupuy, a one-year-old boy beaten to death and sexually abused by two feminist activists, has brought into debate that violence has no gender.

The women, one of them her mother, were members of the feminist movement in Argentina, defenders of abortion and members of the LGTB community.

The case of little Lucio is seen as an alert that not always because she is the mother of the minor she should have custody and that a little one can be in danger even with the parent.

The crime of Lucio, who was raped with sex toys and repeatedly beaten by feminist activists, was recorded a year ago.

The mother obtained custody of the child after falsely denouncing her partner and using her position as a woman , the mourners say.

Witnesses have revealed that the little boy suffered abuse for more than two years, he was operated on five times in a hospital, while his father constantly fought for custody, which he was denied because he was a man.

"Magdalena Espósito and her partner Abigail Páez were accused of homicide, both beat the 5-year-old to death for being a man," the relatives denounced.

Lucio's relatives assure that the judge, despite the complaints and requests, ignored it and never investigated whether the minor was in good hands with the feminist activists.

In addition, blaming the judge as the intellectual plaintiff blames the teachers and medical personnel who intervened on the minor five times for fractures and never requested an investigation.

The relatives have also blamed the government for promoting a movement in favor of women that has spread hatred against men, reflected in the mistreatment that the two women gave the minor for being a man .

The minor's father, who demanded that his son travel with him to another state, called a protest on February 2 to demand life imprisonment.

“Here are three assassins. Two are the ones who killed Lucio and one who delivered him on a gold platter to be killed."

The case has become so relevant, not only because it involves two feminist activists, but also because of the defense presented by a government employee Paula Litvachky, presenting a reform that allows mothers who could not abort to kill their children.

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place your bets

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