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He didn't apologize, he just said that he's from a different time

Still trying to figure out what time period that was, when molesting fucking kids was appropriate

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"it's my money and I want it now!"

Govt: "whoa whoa whoa hold up their partner you mean our money"

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It's strange, I didn't think you got more down's syndrome as you got older...

by Tesic
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My assault fork says otherwise

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All the enemy needs to do is offer freebies, tranny drugs and the destruction of western culture and the left will line up to... Oh wait... Already happening

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Also... Since its being demanded of you that you be vaccinated from a communicable disease for the safety of other employees, you should demand to know if employees have any other communicable diseases like AIDS

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the left willing want the option on the left

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it's literally the ONLY thing people say thats good about diversity

restaurants and food

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theyve called me a few times. i got bored one time and told them that they grifted 200 million dollars for "stop the steal", only to never spend a single dollar fighting voter fraud.

she had no idea.

i wasnt suprised.

told them theyd never get another cent from me and family

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i find it funny that all the tranny/ male marketing these makeup companies are doing almost always use brown men LOL... pretty much the LEAST tolerant groups


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nice job dude, i unfortunately was not as lucky

at the start of this BS i tried to convince my wife, brother, mother, dad, aunt, cousins, in-laws and a handful of friends. no luck. they all had generally the same attitude: "whatever gets us back to normalcy faster."

my one cousin, 2 friends and I were the only ones who refused. sadly, ALL the others now regret it.

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judging by the distance between those eyes, i dont think shes capable of reason or rational thought anyways... lost cause bro

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says very clearly on the window: "LOVE IS LOVE"

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hey, dis 'ere Sirinequa. you canna axe me an' thang you wan' but juss cuz you axe dont me i gunna know

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100 spicy points for you my fren

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