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Greenwald says that if you don't harbor contempt for our corrupt media outlets that engaged in election meddling by lying about the Hunter Biden story, you're irrational. And that however much contempt you have for them, it's not enough.

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Moral of the story: the "intelligence community" has subverted your First Amendment rights to instill fear in anyone who would openly protest the regime

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In response to the effectiveness of this coverage by Infowars and other journalists, the United States government took the extraordinary step of banning all UAS use at or near the flashpoint of this crisis by issuing a Temporary Flight Restriction. The government has gone further than merely ordering that The Press may not use drones to gather the news--it is using electronic countermeasures to make it that drones can not even fly in the area. The government’s implementation of the Temporary Flight Restriction serves no other purpose than to hamper the efforts of the press in covering the unfolding crisis, in violation of Free Speech System’s First Amendment Rights and should not stand.

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I mainly keep up with these 2:

They do a show together every Thursday:

I don't know that much about the ideology, but it does have Black Nationalist elements. I watch cause they have interesting takes and can get away with saying certain things. Funny as hell, too.

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He could be right and still Trump could be the best option. Who else? I heard Alex Jones say he thought Rand Paul had been better than Trump and Desantis about the vax...

Then there are tweets like these:

My estimation of Biden continues to grow. I knew the generals were against him, but thought his top advisers might've been on board. No, Blinken wanted to stay. The president can overcome all, "deep state" is cope for those who supported a much weaker man.

Trump seems to have been in an impossible situation, but I wonder sometimes... Now that he's been through it, maybe he'll be more effectual this time?

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She got tired of him tweeting big, making bad hires, and stringing us along. Understandable.

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One of my favorite things to watch each week is Hoteps BEEN Told You every Thursday.

Hotep Jesus and Uncle Hotep have good takes and been warning about the Fauci Juice.

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