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While these are all fun fantasies about "the bad guys" being brought to justice, it is tragic how out of touch even smart people are about the state of things.

Foreign actors have taken nearly complete control over almost all of our systems. Some of them hold public office and have dual citizenship and they flaunt their loyalty and priority to their own people - non-US Citizens.

Those who speak out about this publicly are immediately punished and tens of millions of Americans rally around the injustice.

There will be no justice folks. There will be a few sacrificial arrests, a few ridiculous sentences, delayed appeals, and then a reduction in sentence that never makes the news.

Complaining about this shit like something is going to happen is about the most bizarre phenomena happening at the moment. The only thing worse is the left who celebrate their own oppression - past, present, and future.

To those ridiculing the left, you are one tiny step to the right. You are close to them than you realize. Until you recognize that, there will be no changes.

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After everything this past five years. The epic global corruption at almost every level imaginable.

And people still think leftist bankers and their friends would spend one day in jail.


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Noam Chomsky, Bill Maher, and Jon Stewart, Russell Brand

One of these things is not like the other.

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What the literal hell is going on here?

Is the destruction of evidence not illegal?

This is one huge sick joke. On us all.

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Judaism and Satanism as if they are separate things.


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Katie, your Mom fucked the patriarchy, which is why you are even alive. A thank you would have been sufficient. But a good fuck is also welcome.

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If this is true, this is straight up racism.

Musk is a white male, and this woman supports an ethnic group that shall not be named. Claiming that only those UberWhite billionaires are capable/worthy of owning a social media platform but a white male is not, is among the most disgusting things an elected representative can say.

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Dude: I am good looking. Let me be an idiot for the internet. They will love me.

Dude In Michael Jackson voice:

Hey girl, what's your boyfriend look like.

Women: Ewww go away.

Dude: See they love me.

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Well well. NOW we're getting somewhere!

We can now all agree that pedophiles should not be around children. I mean we wouldn't want these MAPs victimized by kindergarteners.

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I agree with you. And since your content is offensive to me and millions of others, I propose that your content be removed first. To test your own theory, of course.

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Pause at 6 second mark and tell me this guy did not have a Bar Mitzvah

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You are a moron. That is how I am feeling now. You will find no higher concentration of Christians than in a prison. I will leave it at that. Sinners need God. Evil doers need to fear God or else they would rape and kill.

I have never raped or killed anyone. You know why? Because I am not evil like that.

Keep your religion. God is real. You are morally superior. Whatever you need to believe in order to not inflict your ignorance and hate on the rest of the world, hold onto it.

Have a good evening and God Bless you. Really. May God Bless YOU!

And no, we are NOT all sinners. Only twisted crazy people believe that.

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Zuckerberg, Gates, Epstein, Weinstein, Steinem, Bezos, "Stewart" and all the rest of them are not white they are #UberWhite. They are white when it is advantageous, but they deny it when speaking to non-Whites. Has there ever been a stronger pattern of behavior than this?

I am NOT anti-Semitic. I am just jealous that I do not have millions of powerful people to back me up regardless of my behaviors. I wish I were #UberWhite.

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This guy was an alcoholic cheater. Why are we lionizing this fool?

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NO! Stop this rubbish.

WOMEN and weak men voted for this trans-rights thing. Overwhelmingly.

And as those men and women voted, while decent men were working and not paying attention at the school district level, OUR women were working instead of being involved in local school boards etc. They were complaining about doing dishes, and secretly cheering on their "strong independent" sisters.

Well, this is the predictable result of that.

Women are not bad or evil, but this is almost exclusively a female generated outcome. The more good men keep bailing women out of this shit, the more quickly they will move to the next crazy trend and vote that into existence.

And when the consequences of that new bad idea come home to roost, they will post another meme like this.

Piss off. Let the consequences fall where they will. But stop begging for support like this. When we see women marching to get girls out of boys sports, and girls out of the boy scouts, then I will take them seriously.

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America: Person A is bad!

Almost identical person B Enters the room pretending to be different

America: Person B is good!

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I would be willing to bet that somewhere in this mix is a person just digging deep to find a way to blame this on Donald Trump. It's out there somewhere.

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As a white male, it aches me deeply to see photos like this. Because I know that there are very few people like this.

The average white woman is nothing like the woman in this photo. She is an angry feminist, or feminist inspired activist. Whatever new comes down the pipeline, she is for it.

Everything EXCEPT family, children, white people, and our men.

American women ARE the original NPC meme.

Now let the hate begin. Because one thing these people hate more than anything else is being called out about their NPCness.

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Names folks. Names.

Board Members Donors Director Managers CFO

That should just about do it.

Also, if enough people are around to witness an event, and they all stick to the same story, and no recording devices are around, it would be nearly impossible for investigators to get the real story.

If, say, an event were to take place.

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