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Gonna be hard to keep voting if they keep cheating and continuing to get away with it.


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Our military is being attacked from all sides without a single shot fired at us. We are being depleted and left vulnerable, and then we will have to spend heavily to rebuild. All bullshit. Add in the clot shot mandates and the people that fly the aircraft are vulnerable to being grounded, or worse.

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Excellent documentary.

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Oh goody, something else I don’t give a shit about: Amazon’s opinions.

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I wonder who typed that for him? CIA or CAA?

They are mocking us. Enjoy the show.

Edit: not sure why the downvotes or hostility. :


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His name is Jeff Schroeder. He completed on Big Brother and The Amazing Race. He is married to Jordan Lloyd who he met on Big Brother.

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He was on Dr. Phil not long ago discussing trying to convert kids to trannies.

Edit: He was discussing “safe sites” for drug use and free needles.

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Not sure which is gayer, using the word updoot or begging for votes. Either way super gay.

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Don’t tell me what to do.

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Kill it with fire.

All of them

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