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Go to tractor supply or Amazon and you don't need a script for the paste.

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She was in Kansas, not DC. And she has never had kids or grandkids. She is fine and thinks this is funny.


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Moderna killed my MIL within 24 hours of first shot.

If you are dumb enough to take one, at least know which one you are gonna get killed by.

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Late night crew is on Meemaw point tonight. 👍🏼

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It doesn’t matter that Meemaw was in Kansas. The meme has won the war in the fight. At least she was at a Capitol. Good for her.

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When any country is being invaded they have a right to repel the invasion. Or so I thought.

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It isn’t just leftist outlets.It is ALL of them. Which is of course redundant at this point.

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Waited too long to shoot him. Almost caught a bystander who was in the line of fire. Nice kill regardless.

Congrats on getting to use this flair. Its been a while in waiting.

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