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Just snakes cannibalizing eachother

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Imagine still using Windows in 2022 for anything other than gaming or your job. Even then that's a stretch since alot of games work on linux now.

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The gab link still worked for me, but theres a youtube link as well: https://youtu.be/dylC3uazNe4

As for J6, I'm not entirely sure as I haven't seen him talk about that but given the nature of this man he probably does not believe it was an insurrection. I'd be interested in seeing his response on this.

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There needs to be a consensus on here among Texas pedes so that we don't end up splitting our vote for governor in 2022. Allen west is going to end up being the best possible option between Don Huffines, Chad Prather, and Greg Abbott for the reasons I'm about to outline here:

1. He has strong leadership qualities and shows the mentality of a leader - As a former LT. Col. in the army, and being a former congressman he has the experience of leadership, along with the knowledge required to deal with politics.

2. He has a track record of defending the constitution- If you ever watch him speak, he is very well versed in referencing/quoting the constitution whenever it's relevant. He has also called out the violations of the left against the constitution as well as the misuse or dependencies of GOP members (RINOs) and other republicans whenever appropriate.

3. He is pro-secession - As a supporter of the Texas Nationalist movement, he also supports the idea of Texas independence, which is very important considering the horrific atrocities the Biden regime has been forcing upon the rest of the country. His interests support the wellbeing of the state.

4. He will fight against vaccine mandates by private employers - This is a big one, we all know that every other company out there is looking for any excuse they can to get rid of anyone who refuses the jab, regardless of scientific logic/evidence or religious freedom. He's made it very clear that he will "vehemently oppose" any attempt by a private employer to enforce a vaccine mandate onto their workers for any reason.

Now all of the above being said, here are his flaws....but mind you, every single person who runs as a republican has these same flaws, even GEOTUS himself

1. Pro-Israel- Like any other republican, you'll find pictures or videos with him holding/posing around Israeli flags. This for the most part is not really anything to worry as long as the candidate's priorities are to the American/Texan people, the constitution, and it's citizens first.

2. Technology illiterate- Pretty much can be said about almost every politician either incumbent or running for office, but unfortunately the democrats have an edge here with Big Tech on their side.

3. Not a native Texan- This for the most part is mostly irrelevant as long as his interests are good for Texas. He can be from California for all I care as long as he will fight to uphold the constitution and punish those who would dare violate the individual rights of Texans. Plus GEOTUS is a New Yorker.

If you've read my reasons up to this point, here's why he's a better choice between Greg Abbott, Chad Prather, and Don Huffines.

Greg Abbott- There's not much that needs to be said here, he blatantly ignored the wishes of Trump to forensically audit the 2020 election in Texas, he's soft against the vaccine mandate, he asks permission from congress before taking any actions as governor in his own state, and he lets Biden shit on our border between Mexico and the US while waiting for an election year to actually do anything about it. He played his part, its time for him to step aside for someone who can actually lead this state in the right direction.

Chad Prather - He's an honorable mention, and may actually be a slightly better option than Allen West but the reality is that he just doesn't have the publicity or notoriety that West has, so his chances are not very high.

Don Huffines - Similar to Chad Prather, except that there are some things about him that don't sit right with me. First of all, I never even knew this guy existed until someone randomly posted his name on here. Secondly the first time I heard him talk on the town hall video that West posted on Gab, he gave me some real slimy 'Lin Wood controlled opposition' vibes whenever I heard his voice, almost like he was trying to sweet talk the viewers into voting for him. Even if he is a native Texan, I can't get over the fact that he might be another Lin Wood and plus I've heard some rumors on here that he's a fraud. Link: https://gab.com/AllenWest/posts/107238855070967435/

Please spread this information as far and wide as possible!

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Jesus christ, I literally asked because the screenshot implied there was a registration to get tickets

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Pretty sure it's usually at whatever town/city hall or local municipal. I'd look at the website for your city.

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Pretty sure this has happened already

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They'll do the same thing they did with the election fraud. Fuck us all deeply in the ass with a cactus dildo and no lube.

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You're just mad that we call out your psy-ops glowfag. Cope and seethe.

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Ever heard of a RINO?

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Until SCOTUS gives him a miracle..

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If that happens, do you have to pay for another shipment?

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I have a sneaking suspicion that the jab introduces behavior altering chemicals to the brain forcing an urge to convince people to get the jab. I've noticed this among my family members that have taken it, including conservative ones.

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