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Habbening, Kraken, Two Weeks etc etc

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You're correct.

90% of the psychological control is cowardice - people who are too cowardly to speak out against the mob. People who are too meek and timid to go against the herd mentality.

They know the truth. They're just too scared to speak it.

They choose cowardly submission over courageous independence.

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While you're absolutely correct about all the psychological tactics, they're easy to resist.

You just have to be:

A.) Not an idiot and B.) Not a coward

Anyone has the ability and the will to critically think, be skeptical of what they're hearing, be cognizant of signs of deceit, and search out alternative sources of information. It's easy. Hard for some. Impossible for few. But easy for most.

And it's not involuntary, no matter how hard the system bombards your mind with manipulation daily.

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I know that you are a coward who will make any excuse to avoid having to do what's right for your family.

Instead of standing up to protect your family, you allow the state to use them as leverage to keep you submissive and complacent. That is abhorrent. Not just that the state does that, but that you let it.

You will remain a coward and ensure that you and your family stay as subjects of the state along with millions of other americans and their families.

This isn't unexpected. America is full of ignorant cowards like you. It makes me sick. Which is why I'm going to block you.

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Idiots are condemning their families and their children and their children's children by complying with the marxist takeover of america.

Idiots who are active participants in the marxist takeover of america are traitors and enemy combatants, including anyone who would collude with such a company.

Any real man with a responsibility to his family knows to take a stand. Tragically, america is no longer a land of real men. Weak, compliant submissives, all.

Don't give me these faggot tier excuses. Men have protected their families by leaving home to die in war countless times throughout history. You can do better than to be a submissive do-nothing bitch.

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It amazes me how many of my conservative friends believe every pile of bullshit being spewed out of fox news channel.

I had to practically deprogram them on the Ukraine situation. These same people slowly woke up to the vax shenanigans, and only then because I had a few conversations with them that must have simply made sense when I said it.

They simply could not have conceived of it themselves - that the vax is dangerous and possibly a malicious scheme - without me having to tell them first.

So they can come to logical conclusions, but they have to be lead there.

In the meantime, they will believe the bullshit lock stock and barrel. It's really terrifying.

This is why it is CRUTIAL to ALWAYS be speaking out and countering the media's narrative. Otherwise, idiots will just default to believing whatever they're being told.

The parents (boomers, of course) were first in line jockeying to take the vax. Their kids hesitated and fortunately managed to avoid having to take it despite their employers trying to force it on em.

But when it came to the Ukraine lies, they struggled and even fought me a bit. Something about the whole Ukraine thing made them harder to deprogram. I'm not even certain if I was really able to get through to them after all.

I am so, fucking sick and goddamn tired of having to think for other people. It's a truly powerful and frightening force - human stupidity - and the most evil sonsabitches in the world know how to wield it to such devastating effect.

And that is why there is no other solution to our problems but to burn and bury the bodies.

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And there in lies our problem...

We never confront. We never press these idiots.

We let them rampage and freak out. We allow them to run amok, throw their tantrums and indulge in their idiotic delusions.

We never bother to shut them down and shut them up because so many of us are squishy do nothing cowards who are afraid of confrontation.

And then we go and wonder why madness and insanity rule our lives.

We only have ourselves to blame for it, really.

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What the swamp rats saw that day were the thousands of people lining the streets, and the realization occurred to them that if even half of those people were armed...

... the rats would all have been dead that day. Easily.

They saw us. They SAW us.

For the first time.

And it put the fear of God into them.

But shame on us for never having the guts to make their fears come true.

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Yeah, right. Like it'll be that easy.

You know we're going to have to kill em right?

We are going to have to wage bloody war to get these demonic fucks off our backs.

That's how it always has to happen. It's gonna have to happen again.

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and so-called "conservatives" have become the most complacent losers, so complacent that they couldn't even conserve the woman's bathroom.

It's astonishing how a major subset of the population became the complacent one despite not ever even being party to all the madness.

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The answer is simple, really:

It's because WE LET THEM.

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Christ, dumbass, you're just chock full of tired old cliches. You have no idea how basic and ridiculous you sound.

You are so remarkably dull. I can't even begin to imagine why anyone would want to work with you.

It's no surprise the entirety of society was brought to its knees by moronic little pipsqueaks like you just because the idjit box told you to shut it all down.

I can just imagine that you're the kind of fat, effeminate little pipsqueak who can't think for itself and can only speak in tired cliches and lame platitudes.

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Oh look. It's the typical pre-scripted NPC shill reply, just as expected.

Why not go fuck yourself and be the nice quiet kind of fucking useless.

I bet you were sucking Barr and Session's pricks while Trusting The Plan.

You simped hard for Sidney Powel, no doubt.

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Fuck me you're so astonishingly stupid.

But I'm used to such asinine remarks from the likes of shockingly stupid shills such as yourself.

You just keep on keeping on Trusting The Plan, clown.

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We'll see... my guess is it'll be a whole lotta nothing, as usual.

This showmanship - 2000 Mules, Musk buying twitter, RvW repeal - is all to get us hyped up and sitting on our asses for two more weeks just so the dems can steal another majority...

... instead of out protesting (or better yet, gunning for these scumfucks) like we should have been this whole time.

But here we are, yet again, sitting on our asses, as usual, waiting for our fairy godmothers to save us.

So don't be surprised when all talk of election fraud mysteriously disappears once dems have swept state and federal congress.

Don't be shocked when nothing changes at Twitter.

And don't be astonished when the pedophiles in black gowns decide not to repeal RvW.

And don't say I didn't told ya so.

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There is always a stockpile of non-perishable retail foodstuffs. Several months worth at any given time.

Right now, the stores are busy burning through it.

When it runs out...

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