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Gab's CEO also keeps threatening to ban everyone for "fed posting"

His censors have already hidden perfectly innocuous posts. Fuck, at least twatter has the decency to notify you whenever they find you guilty of wrongthink.

If there is to be a parallel economy, then its stewardship will have to go to people with the balls to defend it by any means necessary.

Torba doesn't have the balls.

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Hey you forgot my favorite! "Individuals familiar with his thinking"

LOL Literal fucking mind readers, mate :D

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How did another one of soros' depraved cock whores get back here?

I thought you vermin were driven off after your "dUrR hUrRr gLoWREEEEEE!!" shill party was ended?

Seriously, you need to die. Worthless waste of flesh sucking perfectly good air.


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I didn't call cruz a soros slut, dimwit.

I called you a soros slut.

Fuck, you're dumb.

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Thanks ya fat stupid fuck. Tell us something that's not blatantly obvious.

Traitorous uniparty hacks like this worthless shitfuck need to be hung in public by their fat necks until dead. Gonna have to double up the rope for it to hold all that weight.

The only hideous creatures with more useless flesh than this commie grifter are Nadler and Fatty Arbuckle from Chicago.

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LOL shareblue's shilling against Commie Cruz???

Yeah, I think u/IntrepidBurger - Soros' cock monger here - has it backwards.

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They are not journalists. They are enemy combatants.

And we are at war.


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A sockpuppet of the other pindicked retard who posted here appears.

Don't make the mistake of believing you are smart. You're not. You're a poster child for the dunning kruger effect,

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You woke up dumb and with a tinny prick today. You'll wake up with both and be sad about it again tomorrow.

So sorry you mother couldn't read the warnings on the alcohol and tobacco products after your uncle knocked her up.

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My god the empty pontificating and pearl clutching in this post.

-What you’re asking for is the formation of an entirely separate American army

Yes. It's called the militia. Congratulations! You and I and everyone else are already in it.

-Ask yourself this: how many Americans are physically fit & ready to pick up their rifles, march on Washington, and shoot Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, plus 98% of Congress?

You make it sound so simple. Actually... that's because it is. We have the numbers by an order of magnitude. And we're armed like nobody else's business.

Did you see how many people were in DC on the 6th? Now imagine an alternate reality where every one of those people are armed...

-Because, that’s the only way this ends as quickly as you want it to. Complete and total annihilation of the tyrants in Washington, full stop.

Exactly. And at this point, it's our only solution. Don't like it? Then we shouldn't have let the situation degenerate this badly. Now we gotta contend with the only option we have left. That's our fault. Sack up and deal with it.

-For the Feds undoubtedly reading this

Don't be a bitch. If the feds even had the means, much less the fuck to give, to monitor every internet shitpost, there's really fuckall they can do about it.

Do you still check under your bed at night for the boogeyman too? Do you make mommy check your closet to make sure the big bad mr. fed man isn't hiding in there?

-Have you personally ever taken a life? What do you consider “acceptable casualties” in the pursuit of true freedom from tyranny? We are going to, most likely, end up killing a lot of people if we were to pursue this.

Ask this of your grandfather. Or anyone who fought in World War 2. Or anyone who ever fought to defend their home, their family, their lives and their country.

It's a moot point. They didn't wring their hands and clutch their pearls murmuring "buh, buh, what if-? what's acceptable-? people could get hurt!"

No. They just went and did it. Because they knew what they had to do to survive and prosper for themselves, for their children and for their future.

-Are you truly ready for all-out war? Because I know I’m not.

This is why you are a loser.

-We have the numbers in terms of support, but for an army? Not so sure about that.

400 million firearms in the hands of private citizens. 40 million of those in the last three years. Many of which were from first time gun owners.

That's more than any army ever fielded in human history. Doesn't take training. It hardly even requires much organization or participation. No more than 10-15% of any given armed populace anywhere in the world have overthrown their established governments. Sometimes much less than that.

The alternative is to waste away your remaining years suffering and dying and leaving a fucked up world to someone else to suffer for.

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If we're not going to genocide all these insurrectionists and their filthy welfare pets, then we're going to have to have someplace to put them.

Banishment would entail putting aside a swath of land to cordon them off in and let them fend for themselves.

Nature will take care of them all in short order and then decent society can just waltz on in and mop up the last remnant of a failed society.

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Exactly. You cannot run, you cannot hide from bullies.

They will pursue you to the ends of the earth to bring you to heel. And failing that, they'll just be rid of you.

Eliminating them is the only solution.

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So she's not a traitor then... just a simple coward. nbd.

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Fucking LOL

WE do just fine making ourselves look week all on our own every damn day.

We don't even need some obvious grifter cunt and her army of desperate simps to do that for us.

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Always been a bitch ass grifter. I fucking Told Simps So.

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The french still making americans look like bitch ass surrender monkeys.

What a load of irredeemable faggits we all are.

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