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Still don’t have the nerve, eh? What a pussy.

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You don’t get to create a situation you had no right to create, put someone else in a life or death fight or flight position where they are legitimately under threat from YOU, and then get to claim the victim when they fight back.

You are not the victim here. You’re the aggressor. You created the situation. You instigated it. And you put someone else under threat. They have every right to self defense in that situation.

Sure, your self preservation instincts are going to kick in when you realize you fucked up, and maybe you react. Now YOU’RE in fight or flight.

But you are not the victim and that is not self defense. You are the aggressor acting out of nothing but self preservation from a situation of your own making, not acting in legal self defense.

So, should you just let them have your gun? No.

You should have never been there in the first place, you should have made use of the available opportunities for exit you had at your disposal well before your victim acted in self defense and tried to take your gun to save themselves, and you should have reigned in your vigilante hero complex.

But if you did none of those things and acted just like these dipshits, you’ll be guilty of murder. Justifiable so. Just like these dumb ass motherfuckers.

You don’t get to walk into a bar spoiling for a fight, get one, then get scared, and get to claim victim status.

I swear you pussies and your constant victim mentalities are shameful.

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Was it their property? And did the have proof or see him stealing from their property?

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Say the word you want to say or shut the fuck up, cowardly faggot.

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What the fuck are you even talking about? I didn’t quote anything.

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Say the word you want to say or shut your mouth, pussy.

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You have absolutely zero basis to make any of these claims. You only make them because it helps you believe what you want to be true, to justify your fee-fee’s, not because it’s the truth.

You are just as bad as a liberal.

Have some self respect.

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It’s you, and those like you, I’m talking about, Faggot. Go fuck yourself.

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You are not a cop. Don’t be disingenuous. The rules are different. The laws are different. The connotation is different. Everything about the situation of a police officer chasing you down versus some god damn randoms in pick up trucks with shotguns is completely fucking different.

From your standpoint if I come at you, as a nobody on the street, and try to detain you at gunpoint, you’re obliged under the law to obey me and not resist in any way.

Even you’re not obtuse and dumb enough to say you agree with that and that you’d just be a good victim.

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If you chase me with a gun, you lose your right to “self defense” and I gain it.

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So a group of commies chase you through a neighborhood in their Prius’s, brandishing shotguns, trying to detain you.

They box you in and get out of their cars.

Do you feel like it’s your responsibility to wait for someone to point the gun at you before you react? Or do you realize that if you wait that long it’s already too late?

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Cool. “But for” them chasing him down in trucks brandishing firearms with no evidence of wrong doing or positive id, this wouldn’t have occurred.

“But for” them doing so he would not have felt his life in danger and chosen to fight.

“But for” the defendants backwards ass, non-thinking, irrational, and irresponsible actions he would not be dead and they would not now be guilty.

You cannot justify their actions on the idea that someone possibly walked through a half built house alone.

“But for” your own stupidity, bias, and inobjectivity, you’d be able to see that.

But alas. Here we are.

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What a god damn moron you are, intentionally disingenuous.

“I won't support a justice system that says they're wrong for not letting him kill them.”

They started this situation. They chased him down with guns. He had a credible fear for his life in that situation just as you would. But somehow he was wrong for “not letting them kill him” and fighting back instead?

And then you guys wonder why people demonize us.

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Republicans just pushed it over the line with yes votes. Maybe stop playing to the people that hate you, Mr. President? And focus on those you might actually have been able to influence?

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At a 100% gain per week you should take out a loan and put it all in with everything else you can muster up.

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If you were paying attention it dropped immediately from 115 to 90 upon open. I mean immediately, the second the clock ticked over, as all the waiting sell orders hit. So it was halted and left to process, hence the 108. They process, reopen, and boom now we’re down to where it was heading without it creating an avalanche of reactionary trades and making the backlog worse.

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It has to happen in moments, not over the course of time. Raising or dropping 10% in 30 seconds triggers it. Dropping 10% over the course of an hour does not. They have to be able to sort the orders.

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Nobody calls for halts. It’s automatic with major swings with volatility.

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