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This. We need to be organized. That's really what

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I've been thinking about that. I have absolutely no way to do this. Literally the only thing I can think of is we form local groups and design a command structure,like militias need to start working together for common goals.

Then everyone needs to follow orders. For example if some asshole starts doing faggy glowie shit they get taken care of. Also them they get looked into while handcuffed to a radiator. Also they get patted down and searched well.

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This is true. If anything trump redpilled the entire country.

Remember when the term "fake news" was a joke said to make fun of trump?

No man. Dude will go down in history for exposing the rampant deep state.

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Ya know that would work if they would just fucking say when they'll have the goddamn info to us. It feels like theyre making this about the midterms. They'll drag it out for another year because they're faggots and are just using this politically.

If they gave a shit they'd actually keep people updated and quit dragging their goddamn heels.

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All of this. Fuck optics. Destroy them. You think he's a dictatori? You have no fucking idea, faggot.

I swear I want them to drown in their own blood

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Nope. China's run by communists.

Jews are awful. Communists are more awful

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It's time for us to form our own militia.

Like, a fucking militia with command structure. We need to prepare to fight. It's going to happen.

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I have to give this dude respect for admitting he was wrong.

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I would like to second this. I'm sure there is a way to make this happen. We def need to find a way to organize more locally.

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The one thing I'm confused about here is. The vaccine doesn't cause positive PCR tests, right? So how are the vaccine injuries being billed as delta injurues.

Doesn't really make sense? Also I should note I'm not saying it's NOT happening.

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Yep. Does anyone know where I can place a bet on the recall election? It's very obvious they're setting up the steal. I would like to bet on it

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I saw that coming a mile away. From the "runoff".

See they forced the "run off" to show some semblance of "well shucks you got SOOOOOO close just didnt make it this time"

They do this to keep people placated. The make it "close" to make it seem like there is an actual chance of winning.

Do t be fooled there is not. We only caught them off guard in 2016. It won't happen again.

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There's definitely a "process". And that process is different for everyone. It's not something people can tell you how to deal with.

The only thing I'll say is BE FUCKING SURE. If you're absolutely positive you've made the right choice, there won't be a lot of looking back. For me that is the only solace. I don't want to get into details, probably shouldn't, but I can say I don't regret the decisions, and would do it again if in the same circumstances.

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Great response. I just can't figure if you're a CIA faggot or Chinese agent. Which is it?

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Ya ya. Let's vote! We can vote our way out of this.

Wait hold on there's a main water line that broke. Everyone needs to leave.

Oh.... While you were sleeping. It's a TOTAL coincidence but all 5 swing states where we "shut down" the counting happened to start back up after you left and there just happened to be enough votes to put Biden over the top.

Most secure election in history tho. Nothing to see here. If you question it you're a terrorist

Man fuck you. You honestly don't deserve to be here. You're a faggot and should be shot. You're the worst type of person. Fuck I hate people like you.

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no evidence of fraud most secure election in history

Is that you Mitt?

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NK has always been the test bed for China's pet projects without having to jeopardize their international standing.

Most of us see though it but the D's are far too stupid.

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