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He left great family behind. Good people. Real patriots.

He will rest in peace

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I agree. Trump knows politics and influence better than anyone. And Barnette will isolate us from neutral voters and centrists.

Dr. Oz may not be aligned with our ideals, but he will bring neccessary balance to politics.

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Well, english is not my main, but "where my fags at" still sound like an insult to me.

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NancyPeloci has shown maturity and ability to grasp reason, sanity and compromise.

Calling him (or her) names doesn't really give an image. Also +1 for what basedinvestor said down below.

You make peace with enemies, not friends.

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Good point

Mercy is for the victims. Gallows are for the traitors. I didn't really mean any other way than that

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I feel pity for them.

Have this in mind. They were fragile before. And then they fell into arms of manipulators and tormentors. They may represent and even fight for everything we stood against, but they are the ultimate victims in this story.

And they know there is no coming back.

Now the hard part.

My thought is... well... they have nowhere to go now. Nobody. Nothing.

We can't help them return back or feel like normal people.

But we can atleast show empathy and even forgivness for they did to comunity. In return ofcourse, they can speak up the truth so this is avoided by still unaffected youth.

I like to think myself better then them. I think you all do that to.

Well, better men do what is best and wisest in given circumstances. Let's try being open to them, rather than mocking their unavoidable pain and misery.

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Comment bcs I agree

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Selfishness, immaturity and irrationality are not race/class/gender inherited traits. They are and always will be individual traits.

However, I don't blame individuals completely for this.

Every day we are PUMPED with global-corpo agenda, hypersexuality as result of porn corps., and lack of general spirituality (also abused by corporate spirit healers), and many more sources of insanity which, one way or another, contribute to huge socio-political disparity in favour of black rock,vanguard, and other corpogiants.

Speaking about this here, and in real life with people really makes me happy and hopefull, because every day I see more and more people being avere (aware? idk lol) of these problems and are starting to distance themselves from them.

And thanks for sharing your pov here. Looking it from male side only is not going to get us far. And tbh, many see only that, including me when I was younger. What is worse, not only in their romantical relationships, but in friends and family relationships. I fukd up a lot of friendships and relationships before I grown up. But I barely think about that because I focus on people that care about me, and I put all my energy into caring about them. Which is rather fullfiling, then egshausting.

She will come. No point on forcing it. (Thanks if you have actually read this ranting and philosophy to the bottom xD)

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Well, good thing is you are able to see and avoid the problem, even if you can't completly define it. In other words, you follow the gut feeling.

But from other pov, the same thing can be said to males too, and ppl in general. Nevermind geography or social status.

Hovever, goal (atleast for me) is not to seek womEn, rather womAn. To find "the one". Until that happens, i'm kinda not bothered much.

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But most importantly:

*You are emotionaly uncapable of forming real attachments to people and actually care about them in your relationships. You only care about yourself

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Yes lol. Everything that is happening is part of the plan of the TPTB and we are all just rats in their maze.

"This has nothing to do with Trump politics. Or his diplomacy. His ability to choose judges. Or general fact that abortus is murder. Or the fact that this is well planned and is happening right before midterms. Just like Musk taking over twitter to destroy censorship. Right before fking midterms.

No no, it has nothing to do with that.

This is some 4d chess move from our Rothschilds overlords that will make them even more omnipotent. "

This is the example of two most probable things.

  • Schizo

  • Gaslighting

And it makes me sick

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Politically illiterate people. I wonder what prty they support.

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Just wanted to say that...

Sooo, is this good news pr bad 🤣

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Not to mention two fucking nukes on Japan cities. Hundreds lf thusands civilians killed in metter of minutes. And how many more by radiation afterwards.

Or razing of Dresden...

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Shy blonde upper row 2nd from the right side

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If there is something that makes me happy, than it is that smile to the face of msm and big corporrations

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I agree. Both would be their MO.

But again, it is basically dooming without any proof or claim behind it.

Is there anyone here, or anywhere else who warned? Any mail, notice, thread,... anything?

No offense bro, but you sound like my over worrying aunt.

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Sure. I see that you are trying to emphasize the abilities of the wef. I agree.

But ability to do something is not the same as an action itself. If there was an actual insider in organization circle (or the whole circle itself...) I believe that the name(s) would be known. Or atleast rumour.

For example, it is well known that leader of conservative party of Canada is wef pawn


So, wouldn't it be easy for active MAGA people to identify and find if someone from within protest inner circle is not an actual member of party, or acts on it's behalf?

Woudn't there be warning prior to people to not donate? Anything?

TPTB control many things, again, I agree. But in this case I do not see actual benefit they would have, as well as any name/link/rumour or simply my gut instict indicating this is mother of psy-ops

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Toss the assumptions around all you want. As much as I care, you can acuse me directly for being democrat. It makes no difference really.

The WEF and their actions are being exsposed. Hand of tyrranical government is forced.The mid-terms are beint prepared well. Just like Virginia, the results will come.

Now, you can hang on patriots all day (what you do) and comment all you want. But the anti wef narrative is louder and louder. Even this russia ukraine "conflict" is not bearing fruit as much it would be needed to cover the ongoing situation.

But hey, if you have any other accusation or indication that I am somehow driving attention in wrong direction, go ahead. I am here to listen.

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