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Could you show me what you see? We didn't make any changes but an update (which should not have caused any changes) was deployed about 30 minutes ago.

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Just noting that his followers will return in time.

Twitter can take 24-48 hours to rebuild followers after suspensions.

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We definitely messed that up. Seems like nobody was really carrying it except Gettr? And appears to have ended now.

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Are you using Brave?

One of their recent updates conveniently broke staying logged in to this site, which can send you to the mobile site.

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It doesn't, because Gab is still relying on domains (which can be taken away), IP addresses (which can be taken away), and also for ISPs to actually allow access.

Also, Gab still currently relies on Cloudflare for DDoS protection.

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Unfortunately, nobody speaks about what's happening over there, and that includes us.

It has nothing to do with that site (which I've never actually visited), it has everything to do with the fact that it's being used to refine and perfect the next level of deplatforming tactics, which WILL be used against us, Gab, Truth and more in 2024 or sooner.

It's past the point of hosting and domains, it's at the point of ISPs blocking entire ASNs known to be hosting specific sites.

A big mistake is happening.

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Yeah, I think so. There was a bug for a long time where we couldn't accept them.

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I don't care what the actual reason was

Too bad!

It's a network issue which is out of our direct control. Normally these issues are resolved very quickly. In this case, it wasn't. We implemented our own solution (switching out a server) after about an hour and twenty minutes.

We should have better redundancy to prevent these issues from impacting the site, and we can do better in that regard. That said, it is a little more difficult because there's few providers that we can rely on for services. It's not like we can run on AWS with Google Cloud on fallback.

Site remained up and accessible via other domains such as communities.win/c/thedonald.

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patriots.win and communities.win use different servers in limited situations.

It's a network issue which isn't in our control. Typically, these issues are resolved very quickly, but this is taking longer. If the issue is not resolved, we can work around it, but generally it's much faster to wait for the issue to be resolved.

edit: now working around the issue since this may take a while to be resolved, site back

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Can you screenshot what you see, please?

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Were you already using the mobile interface before this, or did you get automatically switched over?

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Is this still the case now? Are you accessing the site via patriots.win?

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That looks like it would be an IP ban, which would only happen if another account was banned on your IP recently.

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Remember also that PayPal owns Venmo and Braintree.

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As is often the case (particularly in the past couple of weeks), it was a network issue not in our control. We were still accessible via the mobile interface and communities.win/scored.co since they proxy through a different network.

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There's a lot to address here.

With regards to A records, these are managed by Cloudflare. You should see similar behavior with any other site on Cloudflare's network, including Truth Social and Gab.

The NS records haven't changed in a long time. We did not own the domain prior to the first time that the domain's nameservers pointed towards Cloudflare.

This can be proven by looking at the domain's registration date: 2020-01-14. The nameservers prior to this date were not us. The domain must have been owned by someone else before, and then expired before being purchased by us.

Likewise with the SOA data, "YISU CLOUD LTD" and the ASN, those predate our ownership of that domain.

ICANN information is most often redacted. It's standard practice for domains under Epik's registrar (including Gab).

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It's true that we don't excel at being a news source though, which is something that we plan to change.

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