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Is this a real recent picture of him?

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David Icke was right 🐊

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Guys, clown world ride is too intense for me 🤡

Someone tell me how to get off this ride!

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"Russia's impaired and unhinged leader Vladimir Putin..."

I don't know how you can come to this conclusion looking at the facts.

For 8 years, Ukraine massacred 15k-20k Russian civilians on it's territory, who begged Putin to intervene.

For decades, EU and USA government ignored and disregarded all agreements of NOT advancing NATO eastwards towards Russia's border.

For decades, the Russian bear has been daily poked with a stick. And now that the bear is eventually reacting, the west keeps escalating every possible situation to trigger nuclear war.

Putin: Beware we actually have nukes.
OP: Hurrdurr, he is impaired and unhinged lunatic.


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Based and redpilled

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3x times he instructed the Wehrmacht to postpone the invasion of Poland, saying he needs more time for negotiations.

Polish government (as advised by Great Britain) declined any deals, aimed to save German minorities in Poland. Saying any attempt for a humanitarian corridor to Danzig will be treated as an act of war.

At that time up to ~20k Germans have been killed in Poland, many more tortured and expelled, due to extreme anti-german sentiment. Germans who still lived on their century old homeland, which was however declared to be Polish territory by victorious nations after WW1.

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Holy kek. Haha.

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People should use this spin and reply to those salty leftists, that they are just being racist because an African American is taking over.

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This is one of his best yet though

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A man is seen walking down the street, clapping his hands every second.
A bystander asks him: "Sir, what are you clapping for?"
Whereon the man responds: "To keep the elephants away from the street!"
Bystander: "What elephants?"
Man: "See?"

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Under communism this may be the only type of soap available.

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