Fraud that Wisconsin Elected Officials REFUSE to acknowledge. (media.patriots.win) 🚨  LOCK THEM UP  🚨
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Background: am a volunteer firefighter and EMT, and have spent thousands of hours in training and classes, have had thousands of fire and EMS calls, and have asked for no compensation for it in return.

Was going to be going to medic school this fall to further help my community. All hospitals, clinics, and colleges are starting to require the COVID shot. This is going to be coming to my service as well, as a mandatory thing. The writing is on the wall.

Today will be my last day. I'm going to spend the rest of my life sleeping full nights, not interrupting my activities for calls, and living my life for myself. And my community? They'll now be even more understaffed and underserved.

I know my value and my values. I've aced every class I've taken, have put extra time in the form of extra trainings, have taken part in the revival of several patients, as well as the care of many, many other critical patients. I won't compromise my values for big pharma's bottom line.

No poke through the pandemic. Exposed to Covid many times, and have had it as well. Somehow survived and provided good patient care. Fucking clown universe.


My wife texted me this morning saying they're requiring her to get poked by September 1st. How the fuck can an experimental medicine be required by a company?

I'm going to help her with her resume tonight. With a nurse/doctor shortage, you'd think these dumb fucks would be doing everything they can to retain doctors and nurses.


I'm a local firefighter and EMT, and someone who got hurt fee-fees from a facebook post tried to cancel me... By calling the wrong fire department and trying to get a different person cancelled.



This thread is meant to act as a guide to emergency medicine. Specifically, trauma, and combat medicine. I hope you NEVER need to use it but want you to be prepared if you do.

1: Triage. These are for MASS CASUALTY INCIDENTS. Not for one-offs. This is very dumbed down for non-medical providers.

Green: "If you can hear my voice, walk to me." People with minor injuries, who are ambulatory, and oriented. A flesh wound, or a cracked rib, or something minor. Not life threatening, can wait hours to get to a hospital.

Red: Immediate threat to life. Arterial wound. Sucking chest wound. If they don't get IMMEDIATE treatment, they will die. Application of a tourniquet to an arterial wound- if it stops the bleed entirely, they go from a red to a green (assuming they are alert, oriented, and able to follow commands).

Black: Dead or dying. Cardiac arrest or obvious death. No pulse, no breaths. Agonal breathing. The exception to this rule is children- give them two rescue breaths and if they don't change condition, they remain black.

  1. First aid supplies: Nitrile gloves. Several pairs. Permanent marker, for tourniquet, if possible. Medical tape. Trauma shears.

CAT Tourniquet. Order 3. 1 for you, 2 for them. Application: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_LjKKyMp0SE HIGH AND TIGHT. Keep the tourniquet as close to the trunk of the body as possible, without going over a joint. Tourniquets are only for MAJOR BLEEDS that do not clot on their own.

Chest Seal/Occlusive: For sucking chest wounds, and trunk wounds. Always check for an exit wound. Order 2. One for you, one for your victim. Application: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wm5T7xCMe8k

Israeli Bandage: Order 3. Same as above. Good for neck wounds (wrap around body to prevent suffocation). Also good for limb wounds. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_LjKKyMp0SE

Quick-clot gauze: Good for wound packing. I tend to leave it behind in favor of a tourniquet or Israeli, but this is up to you. A ripped cotton tee-shirt also makes great wound packing material. ONLY PACK LIMBS. DO NOT USE THINGS THAT WILL FALL APART, LIKE PAPER TOWEL. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0FbMpMdEqRs

Unless you're medically trained and licensed, do not administer medicines, do not perform things you see on TV. No chest needle decompressions, no stitches, no field surgeries. No IVs, no IOs.

Don't just tabletop this. Practice. Get comfortable with what all of these mean and how they work. There is about a BILLION things I could teach you here, but this is not meant to replace a stop the bleed class.


Expect that liberals will try to prevent you from making it to DC. Expect they will try to get your lodging cancelled. Expect they will try to separate you. Expect they will try to bait you into conflict.

Form several plans. Form them with trusted pedes. Do it on here. Do it over a video chat. Expect your lodging will be compromised. Expect your travel will be interrupted. Have back up plans in case they are. Do not stay in the city. Find the means to travel a few cities away.

DC will be a hot zone. There may not be a single shot fired, but you will still be targeted. The cameras will be on you at all times, until you're isolated and the enemy decides to take you out.

Treat this like an actual conflict because it is, and start planning. Murphy will FUCK every plan you make, so know what your fallbacks are. And do it with trusted people. These people are your lifeline.

Emergency medicine post incoming.


Not enough signatures were gathered, according to the organizer. A week earlier, that same organizer made two announcements:

  1. We had enough signatures, and needed a cushion.
  2. One of the county Republican offices would NOT turn over recall signatures.

How did Tony Evers fight the recall?

  1. He shut down all public facing businesses. During the Scott Walker recall, bars were INSTRUMENTAL in gathering signatures. This forced people to have to set up "parking lot" signature gathering sites.
  2. His pawns and cronies shut down schools, forcing parents now to stay home with their children and homeschool.
  3. He intentionally withheld negative COVID cases in reporting, making it look like infections were skyrocketing. Death rate was dropping slowly still, and this was never reported. This was used to justify locking everything down again.

Wisconsin is a corrupt state, and both parties are in on it.

SAY HIS NAME (media.patriots.win)
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