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How about Blacks and Hispanics? Do the same rules of criticizing individuals for individual behavior or in that case are group attacks warranted?

At some point, coincidences warrant discussion. Unfortunately, rather than conversations many often get sucked into playing identity politics which will ALWAYS isolate them and turn them into the enemy of young people that are growing up in a more integrated society.

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If you don't like Golden Girls... You ain't Black!

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When did the Pentagon get that power? Under what color of authority does the US Treasury comply? At that point, who is in the chain of command of any government or military members participating? The Pentagon overrules Congress now? What is next, ignoring or countermanding the POTUS?!?!

Talk about a Constitutional Crisis... The Deep State is getting exposed something serious.

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"...lacked scientific evidence..."

They KNEW!

If something goes into a cell, hijacks the protein machinery, and makes it produce spike protein, what makes anyone think that the cell would stop? If the cell could replicate with the new instructions in tact, continue producing spike protein, and the spike protein is dangerous, how could there be anything other than a negative outcome?

Stop giving these people a pass as though they were "dumb" or "ignorant". That is what they will use to say "it's not our fault".

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They have to authorize the "look" due to if he changes clothing context people would realize that this is a body double.

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You moronic cuck. You wouldn't fight for anyone as you wouldn't make it out of training for any type of warrior activity. Keep bending over and stop projecting your pathetic existence on to me.

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Oh no, how horrible! What could be worse than having a different flag! Luckily all we have to deal with is ethnic replacement and rampant crime which we aren't allowed to defend ourselves from.

Why are you here cuck? You don't understand nor do you believe in America. If we were waving Union Jacks we would be worse off you clown. Ethnic replacement? You aren't American. You don't have the guts to defend yourself. You stand for nothing and will lay down for anything.

So obviously you don't practice what you preach and are just acting tough on the internet you've only managed to survive by complying all of your life.

What the hell are you talking about? What do I preach? That men with high testosterone can be contributing members of society with the proper guidance.

Nobody is acting tough. A high testosterone man could join a gang or join the Marines. It is all a matter of social framework. Unlike a cuck like you, I am a free American, that is willing to draw lines in the sand. Unlike you, I am still vaxx free. Cuck.

You're the one who's too much of a coward to even accept that some races are more crime prone than others.

You are lost. You have even said crime is arbitrary and a matter of power not moral absolutes yet still pine on about being a champion of compliance. Being the cuck you are, you just submit to whoever is running the show. Get your rainbow flag.

America will never be great again, we'd have been better off if the cold war went hot and we were left with nothing but a giant slab of glass.

And there it is! I read you like a book. Roll up to Canada. They just completed a full training course on a method to fix what ails you...


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This post is proof. You are a cuck, probably not American, and have no clue what it means to be American. With cucks like you at the helm, we would be waving Union Jacks.

You aren't fit to live in a civilized society and are no different than rapists or murderers in your mentality.

Yet here I am with no police record, free as a bird, and living a nice life. You are just a cuck. You are a weak person that sees the world through a consensus filter due to realizing you are weak and too lazy and or cowardly to work on it.

You aren't built to MAGA. You will be waiving rainbow flags, getting vaccines, chipped, and living in a 15 minute city soon because "civil society" told you to... Cuck.

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Nonsense SovCit type BS. All that matters is force, the only reason not to comply is because you're so retarded you think you won't be caught.

You moron. Your position is now any law passed or action taken by the State is Constitutional despite the FACT that the State has been REPEATEDLY found to be found wrong. You are a cuck.

We're only legally allowed to defend ourselves in very specific situations and only a retard would risk legal trouble to help someone else. Yet for some reason we see certain races engage in gang activity more than others do...

The beginning of that sentence. Cuck fabulous. You have no clue what you are talking about. I am wondering if you are even American at this point.

My dad was hardly around and I turned out fine, it's almost like there are other factors at play... perhaps genetics?

You are a low testosterone cuck. It isn't that you are alright. You are just a compliant punk.

The camp of not ending up in prison?

Tell that to Trump and the Jan 6 protesters. The State arbitrarily applied the law. According to you, being a punk would have been the right course of action. You Chinese?

These laws exist so we can punish problem populations before they do something worse. Weed itself might not be bad but the same lack of intelligence and foresight that makes someone think it's worth risking prison for a mediocre high is the same lack of intelligence and foresight that makes them think it's worth risking prison to rape and murder.

These laws exist because of hyper criminalization. Every person in this society is in violation of a law at all times. Low T cucks like yourself submit.

Weed was illegal. Now it is not. A perfect example of an arbitrary law. Alcohol was illegal. Whites risked it all to use it and became gangsters behind it. Did they all lack intelligence and foresight or were they humans resisting arbitrary laws restricting their freedoms?

You aren't an American nor do you understand what it means to be one. Go home.

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Basically all of them.

Anything that extends the delusion I guess...

That was never a thing, and they don't need to be at the top in order to engage in nepotism.

Yeah, it was a thing.

No I'm not, I'm bitching about how the world needs to be fundamentally changed or burned to ashes.

That is exactly what you said. "Women are natural sluts if they're allowed freedom" My point is that society needs proper checks and balances. The first check being a Father in the home. This is particularly important for a male with high testosterone.

Media has less to do with it than men not being allowed to discipline them.

Again, you prove my point. Humans need frameworks.

Prison pops can be kept low with liberal use of the death sentence.

No person should have a multi-page rap sheet of violent felonies and be out on the streets. There needs to be an "incompatible with civil society" cut off.

You're basically admitting that blacks are more prone to criminal behavior though.

What I am saying keeps going over your head. Most laws are arbitrary. Most people in jail are in jail over drugs and weapons. Drugs and possession of weapons are criminalized behavior, not criminal, i.e., attacks on person or property.

Who decides what is "criminal"? Using cocaine and marijuana were not criminal, then they were. Carrying a gun was not criminal, then it was. You see the problem there? What comes first being prone to criminal behavior or criminalizing EVERYTHING? Low T males and women constantly push laws because they are in a constant state of feminine fear.

Almost never in a modern day surveillance state, so only those without two braincells to rub together would risk crime.

Crime? Low T males don't act even in defense of self or others. You are already projecting and rationalizing being a punk. We know which camp you stand in.

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Affirmative action, nepotism and luck. Meritocracy is a lie.

Self delusions. Which affirmative action program? How could there be "nepotism" when Blacks were legally not allowed in the workforce? Luck? Really?

Women are natural sluts if they're allowed freedom, that doesn't mean we're acting the same.

So you are saying without proper social incentives women act against even their own best interests? You are acting the same. White levels of fatherless homes have not reached the same level warned about in the Moynihan report.

Desire to have endless inconsequential sex and to attract new men after chad leaves them.

Wrong. It is because risks and punishments have been separated/obfuscated from the "reward". They have been purposely socialized by media into being promiscuous and prone to infanticide.

Yeah, no they didn't and they were only kept in line through public displays of force.

Black populations in prison only exploded AFTER government instituted the War on Poverty and subsequently the War on Drugs. If you are ignorant of this, that is your own problem.

Being able to comprehend consequences and judge risk matters far more than upbringing does.


In certain situations, violence is the best, lowest consequence, and optimum risk answer. Men with low testosterone will fail to act violently even in these situations. Their ability to comprehend consequences and judge risk does not imbue them with enough gameness to employ effective aggression. They are passive even when the alternative is a world of horror. This is evidenced repeatedly in combat athletics. PED using athletes are hyper aggressive. If those athletes get busted and tested, they seem to be shadows of their testosterone enhanced selves. Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen I versus II.

Like I told you, testosterone matters. Hilariously, you even disprove your own BS theories.

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Same reason mass shootings keep happening, the ends justifies the means.

These people are willing to sacrifice everyone, but themselves, to seize power.

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They do, why do rich blacks commit more crimes than poor whites?

Testosterone. Blacks act.

Their low intelligence and lack of forward planning are what lead to crime, not some sort of weird incentivization like you seem to suggest.

Obviously all people exist on a curve. If the problem was low intelligence an lack of forward planning, why are they rich? Does that mean Black people are able to accomplish more than Whites with less intelligence?

If it isn't "some sort of weird incentivization", why is it that Whites are now exhibiting the exact same patterns? White women are leaving White men and/or choosing to be single mothers. Why? Much like Black women before them, they are incentivized, encouraged, and rewarded to do so.

Why are Western women "champions" of infanticide during abundance? What genetic encoding would promote this? They have been socialized to do so, reinforced by the community, and are not penalized. These are the perverse incentives leading to deviant behavior I speak about.

So you agree genetics affect intelligence and behavior?

Intelligence? Yes. Behavior? I think behavior is an emergent phenomena based on a group of biological factors and socialization, e.g., the same person socialized in a healthy rural environment would have different behavior patterns if socialized in a toxic urban environment. People's behavior primarily reflects their upbringing. To your point, their upbringing may be impacted by a familial genetic predisposition of low intelligence.

What proves that socialization matters more is HISTORY. Even in the face of Jim Crow, Blacks had better social statistics than Whites. Welfare, War on Drugs, etc... landed Blacks where they are today. Perverse incentives reward the least equipped to raise children while abandoning the best equipped. Over generation, this "blind leading the blind" creates generations of improperly socialized human beings.

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Of course genetics plays a role. Genetics is what determines characteristics of the human body such as testosterone levels and intelligence. Genetics is inextricably tied to race and vice versa. What I am saying is that if race was the primary determinant factor and not social policy/structure, humans of all races would have the same outcomes no matter the social policies/structures in place. Simply put, certain groups would be immune as their genetics would protect them from negative outcomes. That is NOT what we see.

Social policies which reward poor life decisions were put into place by Marxists. Western society has perverse incentives/rewards for deviant behavior and penalties for positive behavior. As would seem logical, deviant behavior and the negative outcomes associated with it are becoming increasingly common across ALL races (genetics agnostic). As in any other "natural" system, people are breeding per the parameters of the system. What type of people thrive in a deviant urban environment? People aggressive enough to survive. This now lays the groundwork for why testosterone matters...

Those with higher testosterone are extremely likely to take action. In a society with perverse incentives, they are likely to end up as criminals to include violent criminals. Those with lower testosterone and/or higher intelligence may still end up thieves, drunks, and/or drugged out junkies. In either case, all of these people could have been contributing members to a HEALTHY society that placed incentives on and reinforced POSITIVE behavior and punished NEGATIVE behavior.

That is about as plain as I can make it, if you don't get it at this point your genetics aren't allowing you to understand anything I am saying.

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By "fixed" I meant that deviant behavior per race should never change (fixed) regardless of social policy or conditions due to it being guided by race/genetics. Yet we constantly see rates of various behaviors and outcomes change based on wealth, location, governance models, etc...

Black communities declined due to poverty. Poverty made the choice to become dependent on the State easy for Black women. Media presented Black manhood a certain way. Without male guidance, the logical results followed. Give Hispanics 3 generations and similar patterns emerge.

Numbers indicating social dysfunction in Whites are increasing due to Whites being increasingly involved with this Marxist system. White women are divorcing White men, having babies out of wedlock, etc... Drug use is rampant. Why? Genetics?

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Why would they?

Because if was genetics not social policy it would be fixed for all populations dummy.

Testosterone isn't the problem, you sound like a literal cuckold.

Testosterone isn't the problem you imbecile. Higher testosterone creates a higher propensity for certain behaviors, but those behaviors are contained within a healthy social order. The current social order is not healthy and rewards/ignores aberrant behavior.


Atavistic residues of aggressive behavior prevailing in animal life, determined by testosterone, remain attenuated in man and suppressed through familial and social inhibitions.

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Atavistic residues of aggressive behavior prevailing in animal life, determined by testosterone, remain attenuated in man and suppressed through familial and social inhibitions. However, it still manifests itself in various intensities and forms from; thoughts, anger, verbal aggressiveness, competition, dominance behavior, to physical violence. Testosterone plays a significant role in the arousal of these behavioral manifestations in the brain centers involved in aggression and on the development of the muscular system that enables their realization. There is evidence that testosterone levels are higher in individuals with aggressive behavior, such as prisoners who have committed violent crimes.

The interesting observation here is:

remain attenuated in man and suppressed through familial and social inhibitions

Marxist policy has removed the male from the home and removed social penalties for aberrant behavior. I think it is pretty easy to see the link between social policy and outcomes.

Now, who is crafting and implementing the social policy?

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Disparities exist within all types of groups and sub-groups. The existence of a disparity is not the same as stating a disparity is so large that functioning within normal society is impossible.

If it is the race/genetics and not the incentives of the system, what would explain lower rates of dysfunction in the past for Blacks and rising rates of social dysfunction in non-Black groups?

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So poverty, crime, drug use, divorce, etc... should all be fixed statistics, right? Funny how folks of your ilk refuse to acknowledge the parallels in decline.

Granted, Blacks have higher testosterone so that could explain certain skews in the statistics.

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