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one of the best songs of all time. DJ has been on point. Hold on I'm Coming and House of the Rising Sun....

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whats the best to support for the big picture, RSBN or Trump's Rumble? Going with RSBN to help them out

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what happened? been shoveling all day. experts said we'd have no more snow past 2016 I thought?

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Soviets were never defeated, we are living that nightmare now. McCarthy was right.

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will probably have a few turncoats who 'didnt read the bill" and "want to support NASA"

Need to contact everyone and get this out there to make this shit toxic

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that's fucking hilarious. it's funny my politics usually follows greenwald and assange as far as journalists go.

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overall good people but the men can be rapey but maybe thats just over there.

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getting experimental goo in them or they cant eat or work is in their best interest, we know whats right for them!

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we have the best optimistic wrap ups dont we folks?

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hes been posting in here the whole time too

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