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Guarantee you the DDGStats# variable contains settings of its own that likely were once used to promote one side over the other. If anything, that's where the shadow ban magic happened.

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We are doing it, dude. How many of us come here to get news now? How many people do you know find videos on Twitter that the media won't show? For every "youth stabs woman on train" headline you read, the unfiltered real footage is always floating out there.

The media hates us because we disrupt the narrative, and all with zero salary and none of the producers for it.

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We'd also have to federalize Massachusetts' lack of "diversity."

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Notice how many of them now say "but but but it's a mental health problem, not a trans problem!!" Only to completely abandon that argument when it comes to straight white men, who to them are the problem.

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Lower the requirement of intelligent people so that more blacks can participate

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The pride parade at Sodom and Gomorrah was lit -- literally.

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Women know that a "tradwife" is what most men want, regardless of liberal or conservative. The problem is, they're enjoying the fruits of feminism (while they're still young), and so they see anyone being a tradwife as a threat. If all women are career driven whores, then men's tastes will have to change eventually, and therefore women will have their cake and eat it too. So they need to maintain dogmatic compliance for feminism to produce the results they want.

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Every year, congress votes to send hundreds of millions to Israel. What do they do for us? What wars have they fought for us, when have they sent their tax money to us? There's always Christian groups collecting food, funds, and resources for jews in Israel -- are there any Jewish led charities offering the same for impoverished Christians in the US or Europe?

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I think the bigger implication is, this is the example we heard about. There were plenty of those school board meetings where parents expressed concerns over books depicting trans blow jobs. Tik tok and Twitter was lit up with it for a while.

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Twiddling his thumbs and whistling as his largest opponent in '24 faces incarceration. I really like DeSantis but this isn't what needs to be done.

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If only they rioted liked this over the mass migration of Africans and Arabs.

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