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If they wanted to protect kids, they wouldn't be in the porn business

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The problem with non algorithmic searches is that it's to easy to build a site to show up high on results. No one was doing this on the Internet in the early years, before it became popular enough for companies to realize how much money they could make. But a modern noon algorithmic search would become a nightmare as soon as it gained enough popularity to be worth manipulating.

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I have to admit I really like Vivek Ramaswamy. As of now, he's my first choice for president in 2028.

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You can't really lump all of protestants together like that. Many churches so act as you say, but not all.

The Catholic Church is a monolithic organization, but protestant is a catch all term for most everyone else

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That face is just disturbing...

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It's not like they haven't been trying this for decades... Remember when they boycotted Chick-fil-A. The difference is we outnumber them and we actually care about the results so our boycotts work.

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The kind of guy who responds to this isn't thinking marriage... She's advertised how easy it is to get her in bed.

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Well that's actually to cover your car if you get an accident with someone who's uninsured and therefore can't cover your damages. It's not to cover random other people who are uninsured so it's not exactly the same thing.

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I read the full article and then read the source article. For the down in the source article it says something about postponing till August 1st, but I'm not clear on whether that is for an additional penalty to people who are actually being responsible or if that is the entire thing being postponed until August 1st. Can anyone clarify that because my daughter's closing is on May 5th for her first house, and she has been very responsible and has more than 20% down and a good credit score but she earned through hard work.

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Get on the same page about money... If you have debt, and I mean any kind of debt, do everything you can to get it paid off as soon as possible and stop taking out debt.

Usually one of you is better with money than the other, and that person will be handling big financial decisions for the most part. You never want to do so without discussion though. And when you have debt it's much more likely that the discussion will be "I think we should get this," "no we can't afford it.". Being the one who has to say no takes a huge toll on your relationship. Money problems are still the number one cause of divorce... So get on the same page about it and do anything you can to get out of debt.

My wife and I will have a 25th anniversary in July... And this was without a doubt the biggest stress in our lives until we got our finances together got on the same page and got out of debt. It's a lot of advice I can give but I think that's the biggest one. If you'd like any more advice feel free to send me a private message.

And congratulations.

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We bought our home when I was in my late 20's, and only had the down payment due to a miracle (and I do mean that literally, thank God).

We learned to be smarter with our money, and thought it kids that. My older daughter and her husband of less than a year, have no other debt and bought a home roughly equivalent to ours, with more than 20% down, and she is 21.

Don't tell me it can't be done, if you're wise enough to avoid debt and budget to live on less than you earn, it's very doable, even at these market highs.

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So long as you're not in diapers at the same time the kid is, I think you'll be fine.

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Okay, I'll admit I do hold a bias involving race and this meal.

When I travel to the south, if I can find a Chicken and Waffles restaurant that seems to be primarily run by black people, I expect to have an amazing meal. So far I've never been proven wrong, and continue to look for that. None of us white people north of the Mason-Dixon know how to make good chicken and waffles, that I've seen.

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The problem is the daily wire refuses to even attempt a business model that doesn't require kowtowing to Big tech. And they don't see a problem with that, while that's Crowder's entire point.

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Sadly, the truth is that by denying the divinity of Jesus, you are the one who's falling for the psyop.

Just look at it political opponents... They want Christianity mocked, ridiculed and destroyed. Why would this be the one time they're right?

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You ain't just whistling Dixie.

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Yes, I was one of those booing.

Dewine sucks, but he's still better than his opponent.

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Watching it in person. Just got a selfie with the pillow king.

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Glad to see the lies of the media pointed out, but as an Ohioan, it's hard to read Dewine's name without getting upset ..

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