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John Campbell was very pro mask, distancing and also vaccination since 2020. He very thouroughly checked all information which was available for normies.

Him bringing this information out into the open means shit hits the fan.

One very important thing he always emphasized was the aspiration when giving the vaccine to hinder the serum getting into the blood circulation, it should only go into the muscle!

For all who will come into the situation to have to take the vax insist on aspiration, short check whether blood flows back into the syringe before pressing the serum in. Very heavy injuries (e. g. clotting, myocarditis) can be hindered!


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Soros, Kissinger, the Queen, ...

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and they are very thankful to have TWO arms!!!

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their standard is = anti reality

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"Trump won - by a lot!"

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It was bigger: He told the Pope to f.... off and freed the German people of the three papal bulls enslaving the whole world.

I once saw a video on Martin Luther, before I knew only the thing with the 95 theses and that he changed the language of the bible from Latin to German. But in this video they had 2 minutes regarding his speech twards the Pope in which he spoke the German people free of these bulls. (like moses to the Pharao)

And I can't find this video any more and no text related to this. :-(

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Proposal: Put him in prison, isolated. Install loud speakers and cameras and for us all, worldwide, the possibilty to say him what we think, 24/7.

Let's see how this works out on his health - it is an experiment for science.

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May God bless your mum with a beautiful even longer life! Mum's Life Matters!

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No! It is the look when you think about your diary and what you have written into it some hours before.

Some years into the future only crack will help to keep demons away.

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Yes, that was exactly my thought too.

But nevertheless further down the road it even would be more than worse!

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Contagious virus? Vaccines effective?

No it is all a big hoax! German video with very good English captions:


It is all about the tests and increasing number of tests directly before the waves of corona cases.

Even the effectiveness of the vaccines is produced by the tests, because if you conduct quick tests or self tests before the PCR tests (every quick/self test leads to an additional PCR test), you get a lot of positive results without any heavy cases.

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No idiots forcing millions of health care workers, but criminal murderers who intentionally want to harm We The People, Liberty, Freedom and Pursue of Happiness.

Just found this German video (activate the English captions) which proves how it is done via the tests and change (increase) of tests always directly before a new wave of corona cases. !!!! The video explains also how via the tests they could fabricate the illusion that the vaccinations worked in 2021.


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