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Everything about this creative re-interpretation is contradictory to the ATF’s previous interpretations and comment responses during the draft.

It is almost like they want us to challenge them in court.

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Agreed, much easier to buy than to build. Even with a drill press and files, I would make the argument that it takes more than 30 minutes for a reasonably competent individual to drill, file, and assemble an 80% on their first try.

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I fully anticipate they will try.

With this creative re-interpretation, thousands, possible hundreds of thousands of Americans could be “criminals” in illegal possession of a firearm depending on state and federal laws.

This creates the left’s ultimate masturbatory fantasy of legal gun owners becoming felons, losing their right to vote, to bear arms, and possibly lose their job.

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The article specifically addresses that scenario:

“Further, selling the necessary components to produce a functional firearm to the same person through multiple purchases or structure to transactions at different times instead of a single sale is equivalent to selling the complete kit to the customer. That is, the complete set of component parts necessary to create a firearm need not be packaged or sold in a single container or a single transaction in order to be considered a firearm. These piecemeal sales circumvent requirements of the Gun Control Act and are unlawful.”

By this logic, any sale of parts which can be used to complete an 80% are a willful and unlawful action to circumvent the GCA. I’d imagine they would consider purchases from multiple sources a circumvention as well. This is probably why JSD is seeking legal action, because the ATF targeted him specifically, and states that he cannot just stop selling the 80% hunk of plastic while continuing to sell other parts.

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What’s more disconcerting is by saying:

“Those engaged in the business of selling these complete kits, as your company does, are in fact engaged in the business of dealing firearms,” the letter says.

That means by extension, anyone who bought a kit from JSD engaged in an illegal transfer. So how long before the ATF raids JSD again for sales records and starts arresting the customers who bought kits?

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A couple years ago, PA AG Josh Shapiro (rabidly antigun nutjob) reinterpreted the PA constitution and state laws. His new interpretation required all 80% lower sales to have a background check like a handgun. This was impossible to do thought, as the 80% doesn’t have a serial number.

Shapiro’s argument was that “anyone, including prohibited persons, could make a firearm at home in less than 30 minutes” which is laughably untrue. The average person probably needs 4+ hours their first time. Maybe after completing a dozen or so they could do it in 30 mins.

He got overruled by the commonwealth’s Supreme Court, thankfully. Unfortunately though, this same asshat is running for Governor currently.

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These guys are great to talk with at shows. Very friendly and knowledgeable!

Several years ago, he would have sold most of what he brought to the show by Sunday morning, and only have a couple things still in stock at the table.

More power to this guy, pushing back on the gayTF

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Actually, I think the big take away here is more about how well Elon summarized the entire Infograph. I’ve been in meetings with tech geeks and their presentations are over the top technical. You can see executives eyes glossing over and losing interest.

Elon, as a CEO, is looking for the 160 character bottom line up front, with the Starship Troopers, “would you like to know more?” button at the end.

This is, I think, why memes are so powerful. It speaks to the audience in digestible doses of truth with a humor element to make them memorable.

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Did not need to think about her walking around her apartment nude. Thanks for that 🤮

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This is one hell of a caricature of Gov Wolf!

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i remember that finger, when this was posted way back int he day!

Sorry about your J6 experience :(

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Replace him with a monkey. Name the monkey "Spank". Hilarity ensues every time you refer to the president.

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This will be a losing strategy for the left if they bring a new scamdemic before the November elections.

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And you can find a simping soulless ginger to be your beard to keep up the pretense that you're "normal". It's an amazing gig!

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What made Rogue One one of the better Disney Star Wars movies is that it benefitted from "The Titanic" effect. We knew the ending, and everyone dies.

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You’re right, towards Carrol county, it is more red, until Frederick, when you get the i270 DC commuters.

Overall, MD is a beautiful state, if you are able to slice out the entire 95/495/695 DC/Baltimore metro corridor. The further away, the better it gets.

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443 is a Maryland area code.. Not shocked at all. MD has some super based residents....they just get shouted down by Baltimore, Howard, and Montgomery counties.

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100%. MAGA is just the next evolution of Tea Party. Trump was the figure with the megaphone to which MAGA people rallied. He represented American exceptionalism, and steadfastness against bullies (mainstream media).

And we weren't 100% lock-step with him either. We agreed with his push to seat conservative judges, but disagreed with him on ATF overreach with bump-stocks. We agreed on energy independence and projection of strength. We agreed on border security. Some agreed early on with the COVID response, but disagreed on masking and vaccination policies, and continue to disagree with him on touting the "vaccine".

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Yes, Toomey, Oz, and McCormick are not really MAGA. Oz got Trump's endorsement, but his past comments don't really line up with the MAGA agenda.

Mastriano brought the fight regarding the 2020 election shennanigans until Jake Corman jumped in, removed Mastriano from committees, and pretty much killed any hope for PA citizens to see election fuckery addressed. He got Trump's endorsement, and actually seems to talk and walk the MAGA agenda.

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Barnette was running against Oz and McCormick for the senate seat currently occupied by horrid RINO Toomey.

McCormick and Oz, themselves are a horrid RINO and MAGAINO, respectively. One is pro China and offshoring, the other is a dual Turkish citizen and anti-gun, pro-trans, and probably as bad if not worse than Romney.

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Hey man, sorry your dad is such a Mitchell.

Look on the bright side, you know better, and at a younger age than him if he ever comes around.

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…clinically retarded….

So…you want to disenfranchise the entire Democrat party? I’m kind of OK with that.

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Fetterman handily beat Connor Lamb, and Shapiro was running unopposed in this primary

So the counting delays aren’t to push a Democrat candidate…. This isn’t just one party stealing things. It’s been both parties, for awhile.

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