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We have the technology that can determine the bodies level of antibodies from previous infection, develop a risk profile that determines potential severity with great accuracy, then commoditize it.

But big pharma has financial incentive not to.

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The Penn Secretary of State resigned over it. So a lot of career suicide to prop up Old Joe thru cheating.

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Years? It says Trump 2024

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is this someone you know?

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We have a Democommierat party in the US that is on the attack against 70% of Americans with rhetoric that in some countries would get them swinging from a tall Oak tree without a fair trial.

I mean how long do we sit here and take such hatred against us in our own country?

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dayum 10 day's is what it takes for unvaxxed to fully recover.

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Davila blew his rhetoric wad on calling simple Trump supporters nazi's. Can't wait until he's blindsided with real Nazi's - by that time it'll be too late.

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The day of Trumps second "impeachment". A week before cheating Biden was sworn into the puppetry.

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The next America First policy move I want to see is reducing H1-b headcount in the US. We are approaching 2 generations of young people that have been denied opportunity in entering the stem fields of their choosing because of cheap foreign labor.

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How the fuck is she triple jabbed and still getting the virus. The level of her self awareness is at critical lows.

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They Australian govt did this to Djokovic, imagine what they're doing to their own people.

I see the Mass compliance down under and its is scary shit.

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The Ununited States is a swamp.

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They are woke af too. You cannot be red pilled and work for AT&T as the stink of wokeness is so entrenched its nauseating. Its a living nightmare for the red pilled.

AtT is exactly what we need to turn away from.

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It all drives from the following:

The US is full of stupid fucking people that have no clue as to what made America great, what makes America great, and what will continue to make America great.

The torch light is fading

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This is nothing. I can't wait for the salt to flow when Roe v Wade goes down in flames this summer.

Grab the popcorn.

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