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Usage of "Spez" is TD OG. I can't believe its been 8 years already.

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They invented "The politics of personal destruction"

They turned politics personal.

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Vindman used his position as a Federal Employee to target a political adversary.

Now he's running on "decency"

What a time to be alive.

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Remember when the DNC rigged the nomination against Bernie and for Hilldawg?

Peperidge farms 'members.. Good times.

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Great format for The Honorable Matt Gaetz. Like he was speaking right to me without slap happy interviewers.

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The guy has stumped for Trump more than any of us here. . That's enough consequences. The left hates Vivek because of his Trump support. That's enough consequences.

That said, I would not vote for Vivek purely on his open immigration platform. That's not MAGA.

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How hilariously anti-climactic would it be that a 2nd generation immigrant would rise to power to Make America Great Again..

sincerely lmfao

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I don't think so. His popularity within his own party is the lowest of any President at this point in the election cycle. Bernie Bro's are upset, the progressive left hasn't been happy about his Israel support, the establishment Dems are also on edge.

And most of all, the DNC is looking at those poll numbers where Trump is beating him like a drum.

The Dems are ready for a harder leftist.

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Vivek is emerging. He's saying shit publicly that even Trump won't say. I'm not sure if that's good politics, but it does make for some entertaining shit.

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It was worth $250 million in 2018 when I looked it up. I'm sure its 300 by now.

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"hashtag Maga.. uh hahaha ha ha ha ha ha"

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How does Daniel Cameron's blackness fit into the equation in Kentucky?

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The dumb bitch was white, killing her own people. Falling for the anti white rhetoric everywhere. The left wants to brush this under the rug. It's a total outrage that this was hidden from the public.

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"which is just going to make things even less accessible to them"

This is how Democrats win. The savior stragegy.... Create policies that burden vulnerable people then blame those policies on Republicans for being racist and bigoted toward the poors.

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We all Remember the author of this Salon article. Brian Karem. He attacked Sebastion Gorka in 2019 WH press briefing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNfPaZ4Ipsw

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TheDonald has an illustrious history starting with Reddit. . The whole thing has such interesting turns and twists all intertwined with the lefts political machinery with government support suppressing American voices. You know it all, and should consider telling the story in full as to how we got here.

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