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If you’re dumb enough to pay for an expensive master’s degree that provides little in return but a meaningless line on a resume.. you might just be dumb enough to take an experimental vax that provides little in return but a meaningless card.

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Then go to Tractor Supply you fucking nitwit

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You almost never die from it period. So naturally you’re unlikely to die from it with or without vax.

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But if you leave how else will CIA funded bot nets get their message out to their human targets?

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A lot of redirects and no article

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I always wonder when I see a man and woman together and only one wears the mask - especially when it’s the guy.... If we don’t comply we will be forced 🧐 that’s an interesting argument. Sounds like he has already embraced his slavery.

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It does melt steel though! The more you know

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We have given big tech far too much power

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They’re all half true. Power is like gravity. It’s a-moral. You can use gravity to kill someone. You can use gravity to product electricity or supply water. Gravity combined with water can flood a city and kill its inhabitants or supply a city with drinking water.

People gain power when they are aligned with truth. Sorry, not sorry, to all the non-religious but we live in a complex universe of laws designed by an entity occupying a dimension higher than 3.5 dimensions. The designer is the truth because the designer created the laws. Just as a programmer designs a program by writing the rules into code. The closer you are aligned to those rules and understand the rules - which requires listening to the designer - the more power you will have to control the universe governed by those laws. This is why a programmer reads documentation and why the Jews and Europeans read the Bible/Torah.

Jews and white people embraced the one true designer of this universe. That gave them power. Once acquired that power can be used for good and evil. Good and evil are of course defined by the designer. They are laws just like any other law. If those people that acquired power decide to stop following some laws of the designer but still follow other laws that allow them to keep temporary power we call this evil, hypocrisy, or “our current state of affairs”. Like any system - your car engine, political system, computer system - our systems can sustain some law breaking for some period of time before total collapse. Periodic maintenance of these systems to align them back to original truths is required to avoid system collapse.

Also like any system there are iterations or generations. Humans just like versions of physical systems are mostly a product of the generations prior. A human being is defined by their upbringing which is influenced by the upbringing of their parents, and so on. It’s a recursive function. If each generation is aligned with truth then each successive generation will have more power. Same is true of any other systems with generations - cars, software, space exploration vehicles. Individualism has led us to falsely believe people are not defined by the generations before. That is stupid thinking. Generations of similar people are called a culture, race, or ethnic background.

Thus Christians and Jews do have a lot of power. We are watching the world collapse as they turn away from the source of that power. The systems of power that once were good are becoming corrupt and causing harm. We are watching the collapse of Western Civilization built by Christian Judeo values. Please bring your Western civilization in for routine maintenance or risk total system failure.

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Most have not been in this sort of confrontational situation before with so much on the line. It takes some experience being confrontational while having a lot on the line before you overcome your nerves. She’s braver and more composed than most.

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Go to Africa where white man’s terrible system of laws, scientific discovery, and respect for human life has not been embraced.

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Jokes on them. I refuse to hire overseas now cause they take your money and have little interest in solving your problems. Red state Americans solve problems and cost the same to hire, cost less in the long run.

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What was all that decertification talk?

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HIPAA is for covered entities like pharmacies and doctor’s offices. HIPAA was never designed with the goal of protecting your privacy. It was designed to encourage doctors to share medical records with your consent. Anyone can ask for your medical info and you can give them consent. Employers typically don’t want to ask about your medical info because it makes a case for discrimination based on disability if they fire you. Anyone can ask for your medical info. If you reply you are giving them consent. They may ask for further consent to share with 3rd parties. Stop thinking HIPAA has some magic power. It’s an often misinterpreted law. The largest fines stemming from HIPAA were due to a failure to share medical info when requested by the patient.

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“He” is just the mask his puppet masters wear... and yes they are ruthless. China rapes their minority women in their concentration camps with electric cattle prods.

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This comment right here is the best hope I’ve heard all day... and I believe you are correct. The vibe has changed.

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