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Alex Jones was right. This cycling lockdown strategy is a Pavlovian program to get the population to accept genetic therapies.

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If you read the article it admits it like 2/3 res of the way through. They changed the title though after publishing

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Smallpox vaccination during the revolutionary war?

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This needs a sticky! How do we expand this to the other states?

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There isn’t time to wake the sheep. Now is a time to rattle the cage of lions.

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Wtf is this? Go post this on Reddit. This is a rally for MAGA

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I made this very point today

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The leftist governors own their actions. Trump opened Pandora’s box with when he activated emergency powers under four separate statutes for the COVID-19 response. Trump declared a public health emergency under the Public Health Service Act on Jan. 31, issued two national emergency declarations under both the Stafford Act and the National Emergencies Act (NEA) on March 13, and invoked emergency powers via Executive Order under the Defense Production Act on March 18. On March 19, Trump named the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) as the lead agency in the COVID-19 emergency response efforts, a designation previously held by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). These actions have varying implications but collectively allow the federal government to deliver virus response funds and other assistance to state and local governments.

It wouldn’t have been a civil war. It would simply be law enforcement.

In regards to my original comment - he should have had the foresight to purge the top brass and build a new military leadership that was not ripe with leave behind networks and connections to other deep state agencies. For example he could have personally selected low level recruits to positions of authority and establish military power with a network of trust that he built

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He should have kept on with that rhetoric and not pushed for the normalization of experimental gene therapy for the masses.

The narrative loses when people see the fruits. “It’s the economy stupid” anyone that leaned independent and isn’t a complete deranged leftist is waking up to the fact that MAGA is the way forward.

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It’s not a “single issue” vote. I view his response to the China Flu as one of his main failures of judgement which flows into many issues.(Emergency declaration / precedent for tyranny of some governors, socialization of the medical industrial system, setting the stage for mass mail in voting) Along with not going full Pinochet and doing military tribunals for the top brass that disobeyed direct orders.

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Correction - I won’t be voting for ANYONE unless they campaign on dismantling the bureaucratic deep state FDA/medical tyranny system. Trump’s stance on the 2nd amendment is not strong enough. We need a leader that will PUSH BACK and abolish the unconstitutional ATF.

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