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The Anima Christe~

Soul of Christ, sanctify you. Body of Christ, save you. Blood of Christ, inebriate you. Water from the side of Christ, wash you. Passion of Christ, strengthen you. O Good Jesus, hear you. Within His Wounds hide you. Permit you never to be separated from Him. From the wicked foe, defend you. At the hour of your death, call him. and bid him to come to you That with your saints he may praise you For ever and ever. Amen.

-St. Ignatius of Loyola

I changed it a bit for you.

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Art Bell was the original source

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He looks like he's starting a man bun but he's not a man so I don't know what to call it. A cinnamon bun?

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It was a Christian nation at founding. The Spanish and French were Catholic. An Irish monk named St Brendan was according to Irish legend and many scholars believe was the first to America (Newfoundland). Leif Ericson used a similar route 400 years later likely hearing of it from the tales.

Is is a Christian nation now? No. The new religion is Luciferianism. The Statue of Liberty is Venus (Lucifer) she even holds a lucifer. I doubt the manly features are coincidental. Our country holds ideas such as "self made" in high regard. When it's more associated with providence.

Reason and self indulgence have replaced faith and chastity. Is there a glimmer of hope? I believe yes. We have to continue to live righteously and in truth and continue to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It's just attractive by nature. The contrast is repulsive and destructive.

The polarity will grow wider and wider as it is now. Good vs Evil is becoming more clear to the casual observer. Only God knows how this will end but we are on the winning side live or die.

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Interesting isn't it? That reassuring to hear. Carry on good sir.

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Have you heard that George Washington converted to Catholicism on his deathbed? He had his slaves summon priest and close friend Father Leonard Neale. The priest remarked after his passing that "his soul was secure"

He hung a picture of the Blessed Virgin Mary in his living room and that he often attended Mass and was the largest contributor to erecting St. Augustine’s church in Philadelphia. He also according to his slaves practiced the Catholic form of blessing before a meal by making the sign of the cross.

The story comes from the Jesuits and his slaves passed on the story “Master George had been seduced by the scarlet woman of Rome”

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The outward is a reflection of the inward.

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Fuck Reddit. Fucking faggots. Frens unite on Donald.win

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Trash memes from a trash mind.

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  • 1950's narrator voice News flash. Serial pooper has struck again causing a rain of fecal matter. A notorious and whimsical trumpet sound as this dastardly villain's bowels made their escape.
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Socialist / Communist idealism started with the French Revolution and the "age of enlightenment". Marie Antoinette being attributed to saying "let them eat cake" is false. It was mob rule and murder.

It wasn't called the "Reign of Terror" for no reason. They removed God and replaced it with "reason". The snowball effect is something we still feel today. Napoleon, WW1, and WW2. In summary fuck the French Revolution.

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