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Reminds me of when I went to pick up one thing from a grocery store. Went in maskless, got chased around with threats of police.

I found what I needed, paid, and left, all while I heard a cacophony of "SIR. SIR. YOU NEED A MASK. THE POLICE ARE ON THEIR WAY. SIR"

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I wonder if it modified haploid DNA. I fear for the new generation

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The faster Brandon is out, the sooner heels up is in

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lmaooooo Rushlyn onfg you can’t make this shit up

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The thing is, no i can’t imagine it.

How could i possibly relate to anyone who received it? We’re on totally different playing fields.

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Even still. Mighty fine coincidence you got there, Brandon.

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Don't hate them.

Hate hurts you.

Instead, work against them. This is the fight of good vs evil.

This will heal you.

by ribble
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Opiate withdrawal is extremely unpleasant and even painful.

Like every nerve in your body is screaming. Your guts feel like lava. Heart pounding, tired but can't sleep. Drenched in sweat one second then shivering the next. You even get spasms.

Addiction is sad. And it can happen to anyone.

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Jews are gripping with all their might

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No one is beyond redemption. however, it is easier to train the weak than it is to sway the enemy.

by OldEd
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It's pure fucking degeneracy.

Tolerance is half the problem. The slippery slope is real.

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"it's just affixed here for easy thrusting"

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Look up pine phone

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