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Part 4: almost 100% of Dems got the vaxx.

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And good portion of the population are OK with these treasonous cunts running the country. Democrats are the largest organized crime syndicate in the world.

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He's always been a classical liberal.

That's no excuse. I'm a "classic liberal" and have been on this ride since 2015.

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Methinks Hunter is the lynchpin to exposing the whole swamp.

I think he's the drunken crackhead version of Jeffery Epstein.

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"I mean, I'm not going to have any open air parades any time soon."

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If any civilian was Q, I believe it would be Musk. He has the assets to make it possible.

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subservient to Vijaya.

Aren't we all, though?

I've done the dumbest things in the name of "vijaya".

As I grew older, though, I learned to control my emotions and became more rational.

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I googled "necklacing" once...

Couldn't sleep for a week.

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From his show on November 26:

"I was gonna talk about the news today - but I AM THE NEWS!!!!!"

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I almost want to run for office just so I can call these people "cunt" right to their faces.

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I don't struggle with shit. I've listened to rap for decades and I'm not a gang banger.

Rap is part of that lifestyle, but it isn't the driver. The driver is a fatherless family and welfare.

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Really sucks what happened to Eminem. Dude used to be awesome.

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