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If you never had a stand with ukraine or rainbow profile pic youre not going to be considered

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Its a power play. They know its a double standard and they know we see it but theres nothing we can do about it. Many people will continue treating them as serious people.

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The DC crowd more likely snags a few from the border to rape and disposes of them when theyre done. Grooming is only work the lower level gays have to do to cover their tracks.

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When youre molested as a kid your chance of being lgbtp+ skyrockets

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The FBI thanked them for their quality content

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*You can get illegals deeper into the US to vanish with these things.

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And make them an army pretty much 🤔

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Unpopular opinion but the cops didnt announce themselves and had body cams off. If someone breaks into my house im shooting at them too.

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I remember just a few years ago when I would have been like fuck no shes a retard but shes OUR retard we need to get her back here.

Sucks when so many "Americans" are intent on destroying the country, our history, our culture. Part of me feels bad because being a stoner moron isnt worth a decade in a Russian prison but this person hates me and this country. I can't bring myself to care about people like this anymore which is sad.

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Yaa hes dead of dementia prob lol. Theyre trying to figure out what to do.

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He's a pussy fence sitter. He won't say anything "problematic" until its acceptable and mainstream to do so. He still won't admit the election was stolen. Might as well watch Fox News at least Gutfeld is kind of funny.

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