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You know Trump would have been #1 if they didn't ban him

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They should have more of these events, except when the parents get there, CPS takes their children away and the parents get charged with child abuse

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I'm okay with this. I'm disgusted whenever I see a black guy w/ white girl couple

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his nips are hard and ready for it

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it's 8008135.... how have you not owned a calculator in grade school?!

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Good thing the FBI is a reliable and secure organization with no history of leaking stuff to the media

oh wait

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Freedom?! .....aaaaaand added to the FBI watchlist

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Those FBI agents don't have clearance to view those classified documents.....

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Call me retarded, but if true, wouldn't the nuclear secrets be a lot safer in some random boxes that the FBI asked Trump to double-secure with an extra lock, VS random FL field agents combing through shit? You would increase the risk of it getting stolen several hundred times.

Too bad it's all bullshit

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Why does every video of her look like she's some sort of AI? Weird ass blurring filter maybe?

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Literally Rule #1

Trump Supporters

Our community is a high-energy rally for supporters of President Trump.

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I would do something, but I lost all my guns in a boating accident. Oh well, I guess I'll have to settle with enjoying my chicken tendies.

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"in the pursuit of political aims"

So a psychopath that commits mass violence because he just wants to see the world burn isn't a terrorist?

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A lot of Chinese mainlanders just don't want to get their social credit score lowered or get Epstein'd for talking shit about the CCP, so it's sort of understandable.

This guy, though, is just a retarded faggot.

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Brandon: "It's Not Who Can Vote, But Who Gets to Count the Vote"

fix 2020, bitches

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