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I mean was it them trying to be like "please let us put out fires" or was it them offering aid. There's a difference.

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That is because in order for companies to get any sort of government contract or grant they need to submit their DIE stats, which can be upwards of 25% of the point system to award contracts. This is everything from individual personal grants for the art to university research grants to government funding for construction projects.

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Yep, for those who didn't see.

You had a higher chance of getting monkey pox as a 6-13 year old boy than an 18-40 year old female, by a lot, completely destroying the incidental contact narrative.

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The first HPV vaccine caused cancer, that is why it was pulled.

These are cash grab vaccines, there are 100s to 1000s of HPV strains. They exist with people in a pseudo-equilibrium. Viruses as a whole want to evolve to a niche, and many viruses like beta-herpes everyone has but no one knowns they do. Prior to the vaccine, many people had HPV and never developed cancer. The virus was never associated with cancers, but cancer was sometimes associated with the virus.

The vaccine targeted the most common strains, and immediately they because replaced by much more cancerous strains. Suddenly, cervical cancers rose for everyone, because the vaccine shifted the natural strains, and the rates increased.

We are starting to see the effect of the chicken pox vaccine now too, with 20-30 year olds developing severe cases of shingles.

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Hello again, I told you about my story in your previous thread.

I want to really state the importance of them explaining why they cannot make reasonable accommodations for you not to get the vaccine. For example, if you have no interaction with patients then they cannot claim a danger with current CDC guidelines.

I got extra lucky in my case because the idiots CC'd me on an email that pretty much said "how do we discriminate against him even though our posted policy says we can't."

I, unfortunately, was discriminated against by a university, which is government and as such I could only sue for direct damages.

Make a time line, save everything, contact lawyers. I had to contact dozens before one would take the case.

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I'll direct message you tonight after work when I get on my desktop. We can talk on discord or something.

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Ok, I got a fairly large settlement from pretty much this situation.

One: Claim religious exemption, find a good template, make sure it works with other vaccines. My religious exemption was based on the Hippocratic Oath, Nuremberg Code, and Geneva Convention with a (true) oath to God that I would uphold them and that it violated consent in medicine to answer that question (I work in medical science). Do this in writing.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Read the civil rights act and title 12 for definition of religious beliefs. It includes, "non theistic beliefs held with the strength and conviction of traditional religious values." Claiming a moral objection to informing them based on coercion is what I did, and won.

Two: Document everything, save every email, record every conversation (secretly if you are in a 1 party consent state). Download their webpages, specially where they list their "legally compliant" covid policies, as their actions will likely differ from it.

Three: Make a time line with references for every action, event, and email.

Four: Never say you quit and always say you are willing to work. If they try some bull shit (like they did with me) claiming that you "withdrew your employment" show up and be ready to work as scheduled and document it.

Five: Attempt to rectify it through their HR department first. Cite CDC current guidelines that state vaxxed vs. unvaxxed should be treated the same. Ask them to clarify why "reasonable accommodations" cannot be made.

Message me with questions.

Also, never threaten or imply that you will go to a lawyer or something. Always be 100% eager to work and be expressly willing to work within accommodations, never be mad or angry. Smile and be as polite as possible even when they are being condescending liars. Also, every time they mention a false statement like "you withdrew employment" politely and immediately correct it. "per your previous communication I would like to clarify that I did not withdraw my employment."

I got 6 months salary + some.

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Minnesota has a 7+ billion surplus and they are talking about borrowing an additional 1 billion and "reinvesting" it all.

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It only works at first, when courts are generally trusted, where they can rule completely opposite to law and most people will assume the verdict is just.

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A certain entity canceled my contract after finding out I was not vaccinated. I recorded everything. They claimed I withdrew employment, I did not, its fraud on their end. I wish I could say more but there was a fairly large settlement that included a confidentiality clause.

Contact lawyers.

Record everything.

Save all emails.

Make a timeline of events.

by Tesic
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They need to cancel a shit load of debt by saying that China owes us reperations, probably after another Ukraine starts in Taiwan.

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The sick freaks got this shit covered by medicade.

If the person qualifies (under 18, mentally ill, poor) and they get on it, they will always be on it for life.

Its a fuck ton of money.

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Whew I was worried, glad they investigated themselves and found nothing wrong.

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If anyone talks about the trail of tears ask them about the Red Stick wars and William McIntosh.

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I honestly would not be surprised if Biden cannot use a computer.

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Google News has an entire section devoted to "fact checking" where they tell you how to interpret the news of the day.

Yahoo comments show a different America though, even fluff pieces about Biden have next to zero positive comments.

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or at the very least do not quit, make them force you to. I would have been great just to start the game and have all the girls team just not play. When ever a basket was scored they would bring the ball to half court and just set it down and stand aside. Make the other team a mockery.

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Ehh, I work in colleges and even very smart young people need a lot of guidance and direction. Sure they may be intelligent and memorize facts, but one needs to be able to make abstract connections and test things that might not make intuitive sense.

Colleges right now, at least in biological sciences, are very overrepresented for women vs. men and at the graduate level Asian and Indians. White men in my department for jr faculty, staff, and graduate students (minus the tenured professors) are 12%. There is a lab of 6 people that have a Chinese PI with 5 Chinese graduate students, and another of 6 people with an Indian PI and 4/5 of his lab also Indian.

It cost a lot to educate a PhD student in taxpayer funds (grants). We are doing a huge disservice to our citizens. Even the most intelligent prodigy still needs to practice and learn hands on, and in many fields that can be very expensive.

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