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You can store your own blood for emergency use and it is highly recommended. Inquire with your doctor for private blood banks.

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It's called the US constitution and the First amendment is free speech. Maybe the rest of the world should look into making their own.

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Anyone arguing the pros and cons of this should have their dicks removed. Who cares what your opinion of booze is? Nobody decides how much Jack I drink, how many times I piss or how much air I breathe. Period!!!!

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Crack wise all you want but this shit needs to end. At what exact point do you get pissed off enough to fight back.??? Just curious. They fuck Christians over but you can't say Zionist. They groom and rape your daughters but pointing out that it's muslims is racist. Nancy staged an insurrection so now let's all be scared. Where is this home of the brave I once heard about?

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"At this point what difference does it make."

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I for one threw out my Back the Blue flag after Ashley. I campaigned for Trump with both his and the Blue police flags and quite frankly the " just doing my job" doesn't cut it for me anymore. If they are actually the brown shirt boots on the throats of true patriots then sorry. Time for a change. I'm tired of swat teams facing off with honest objectors causing no damage. You ready to kill people for the right to assembly? Really? What are you? You are not patriots or Americans but paycheck zombies with no soul. What happens when your families take to the street? Gonna kill them too for not wearing a mask?

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So fucking what? The media washes over it. The federal police are on the grift payroll and the judges are Soros stooges. What the actual fuck.!!!!!! How do you vote your way out of this before they fuck your children , cut off their body parts, put a mask on them and have them rat you out for being you.?? I remind you that even in Rome, Caesar crossed the Rubicon and the senate trembled. Where is our Caesar?

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This is one big push to making Islam the dominant religion worldwide with their 6 year old brides. There is something wrong in the mechanism of the brain for adults to want to steal a child's childhood in this way. The pendulum will swing back in society and when it does there will be an account to pay like never before seen. Enter Vlad the Impaler.

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Very soon the average person will be shoplifting Ramon noodles to survive.

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The impunity of these people is beyond tolerability. However fear now hovers over this country like a rank fog and nothing will be done.

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It's uncanny how many people don't even care. They still wear masks and watch MSM like it's factual. I don't know anymore.

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They even had pictures of MOSSAD agents with rooms of explosive detonators on Youtube until it got gone. At the same time Ossama was a CIA agent . The whole thing was a lie.

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And just like that, the engineering dept in universities all across the world saw enrollment increases.

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How do you like that free Medicare now?

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