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The reason for this is because the vaccine imparts partial immunity, making the coronavirus infection you might get not as bad.

The immunity imparted by the vaccine has a shelf life, it’s not lifelong and not as strong as actually getting the coronavirus.

Thus it’s not wrong to get the virus after getting vaccinated, getting a mild form of the infection, and then having a much stronger/longer lasting immunity.

This is very similar to how cowpox was administered to prevent smallpox.

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Except they got artificial (and extraordinarily expensive) artificial antibodies to fight coronavirus. Stop being stupid.

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I haven’t seen the machinery of power \turning this country so clearly until Trump exposed it.

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A while back I saw a reddit post describing how corruption takes hold. It basically goes:

"Everyone knows it happens, but nobody does/says anything". There isn't outrage, there's just acceptance. We're entering this new normal, and it terrifies me.

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I’m glad the people who thought I was crazy are coming around.

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He doesn’t do so because he’s not fucking retarded

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I didn’t think about this until I went to Germany and spoke with some people about doing medical trials. They said medical trials are easier to do in Germany, something I absolutely could not believe, since Germany is known for their INSANE rules and bureaucracy.

He said, in order to do a clinical trial of some treatment/therapy/drug, all that’s required is that a specialist oversees and signs off on the treatment. I was shocked, but as I thought about it, it made sense. If you are a specialist in your field, you are given the autonomy and respect to understand what works or doesn’t work. It’s expected you understand the treatment, the promise, and the risks, because YOU are an expert.

This blew me away, where anytime a doctor here ever wants to do anything, it must be FDA approved. It’s a massive insane bureaucracy, and it’s disrespectful to the doctors who have spent literally half their life preparing themselves. How rule-loving Germany gets it right and we don’t is beyond me.

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I’ve never heard someone mention this before, and I’m really really glad this conversation is being brought up.

This is a real issue, unlike someone kneeling at a football game or similar asinine bullshit. The FDA is a very powerful bureaucracy.

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Who even got us the Vaccines you fuckwit moron

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This really isn’t the hill we should die on.

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Y’all never take statistics in HS?

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Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face.

Vaccine mandates are un-constitutional and un-American. Still, get vaccinated if you’re not already naturally vaccinated.

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You sound like a liberal.

You've learned to stitch words together you don't know the meaning of, but sound right to you.

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He got monoclonal antibodies. There’s no conspiracy here, except that monoclonal antibody treatments cost a fortune ($30k in Australia). The vaccine costs $30 and avoids all of this.

Stop being retards.

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