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Would prefer stationary footage to see if this was really a roadblock, a slow rolling roadblock, or just traffic.

She's speaking a little too fast for my crappy language skills, but I like the "cazzo che" and the "ci siamo, greenpassport fanculo." From that I assume she's on our side, but who knows. She could be dropping f bombs at the truckers for all I know. And all I know is that if I hear an Italian female dropping those words, run the other way.

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From that article: "The controversy puts an online retail giant like Amazon in a pickle: It must essentially pick a side in the fight between FDA and industry"

LOL. Amazon was never in a pickle and never thought twice about which side to pick. They suppressed listings of NAC in record time on behalf of the FDA. Like literally the second word hit about the FDA's possible ban, products were gone on Amazon.

A naturally occuring amino acid. Effectively banned. Honk honk.

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Sadly I can't come up with a good portmanteau for NAC, Zinc, D3, Elderberry, or Turmeric.

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Strangely coincidental, I'm sure, but that's pretty much when American society hit an inflection point and took a nose dive right into pure, unfettered insanity.

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Zulu leadership has been largely and proudly anti-Communist and a contrarian thorn in the side of the ZA swamp for ages.