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Sad that California has such shit meat and burgers that they have to accept In-N-Out as an option for such food. Oh well, just another reason to never, ever even visit CA.

But saying that, I still am glad that at least someones trying to stand up a little to the shit commie nation of californication.

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Chicago is a true blight upon society. They are a bloc vote, just like nearly all big cities and shouldn't be considered as normal votes. They just cannot think for themselves due to comprehensive social engineering and manipulation by the communists.

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What a piece of shit ugly demon bitch. Bring this Illinois demon down. In a trip through Illinois multiple folks at restaurants (that did not enforce masks and discouraged wearing them - and no one in them had any on) talked about how evil bitches like this are ruining Illinois. So glad this angelic grandmother gave you some grief for your stupid ass commie daughters' choir and so forth some education and grief. God bless people who stand up to monsters and devils like this evil whore.

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Are these what he read out?

  • phil MyCrackin
  • suk MyDick
  • who mahidick
  • ophelia MiCock
  • ilene dover
  • don keydick
  • wayn ker
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Sorry, the video is not formatted very good here on the site, view it separately to get a better aspect ratio: https://video.wixstatic.com/video/bcb736_24e87bbd802d48b2a77ccc1eb058b15c/240p/mp4/file.mp4

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We have been under communist rule largely for nearly a century. Wilson, FDR, and MANY others are just highlights to the New York capital establishment of 1900. They anchored themselves very well before they even started working Russia over!

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You wouldn't believe the shit this bastard has spewed and how fake everything he ever has done is.

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Except this piece of shit is an evil communist and shouldn't be held up for any ideals whatsoever.

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It was priceless. I couldn't figure out if she was more scared of them catching her real face and appearance or of her handlers killing her off for her obvious mishandling of their instructions and getting it in their company database.

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I loved the "ass-to-brain" ratio comment I made above. The entire office broke out laughing at that one.

Yeah, they are all about image and I'm sure that a big reason for her running wasn't even the professional nuclear bomb but simply the critical damage to her avatar!!!!!

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A woman at work just said

I'm no debutante, but my ass-to-brain ratio is a LOT better than hers!

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