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Absolutely everything ever is a psyop to keep you focused on not the thing!

If you aren't talking about and parroting the same thing I think is most important, you're a glowie!

Every fuckin time; there's important issues we all need to think about no question about that, but how dare people talk about a current even while it's current!

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"This is what I was told in my Gov't mandated indoctrination camp" "So you're wrong" - "You can watch Gov't mandated proof that it was real!"

Bit ironic Hitler did the same thing to kids; Gov't run indoctrination of them for state propaganda... I mean, that happens in America too, has since the creation of "Public Schools"

And yet, people still parrot what they were told in school as if it were objectively fact, and never think "maybe the people who taught me this weren't being truthful and unbias in teaching me these things"

The fact alone that every MSM outlet, history book, and source of media that is easily accessible tells me "The holocuck happened" - just makes me more and more suspicious that it never happened, or that it wasn't Hitler that did it if it did happen... Not because they all agree that it happened, but because they have an easily proven track record of lying, and deceiving people and all unanimously agree that it did happen.

Why? Why any time you bring it up, dose the state-machine recoil in horror and parrot that it did happen, and that you're an anti-Semite for asking questions?

and at the same time, while the MSM and other sources will decry Hitler for the holocuck, there's hardly a single mention of the cruelty and torture of the ethnic Russians when the Bolsheviks installed a communist regime...

You aren't allowed to deny the holocucking, but meh, who cares about the probably tens of millions of Ethnic Russians that were tortured and killed just as if not more brutally than da joos were by Nazis; and that's only the Bolsheviks, we aren't even taught about the Maoist revolution in China... people were literally starved to death in the tens of millions, people turned to cannibalism in the streets... literally.

But we always gotta member muh 6 gorrillizaon joos!

That's honestly why I stop believing this shit ever happened; the people who tell me it did, have a history of lying to me; and no one ever cares to speak of far worse horrors and atrocities of human suffering that happened within a very similar time span to other people. If the holocuck happened, it certainly wasn't what we were taught it was.

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"I don't see pollution, so there is none!"

  • More goes into lithium batteries than just lithium. That includes all the refining and chemical processing - and byproduct storage of toxic chemicals that can't be easily and safely processed at large scale production.

  • the amount used in a single battery needs to be expanded multiple thousands of times to fill the demand greenfags want.

  • the amount mined must be multiplied by thousands of times for the cubic miles of soil and rock that must be moved to get to just lithium.

  • Not changing the fact that battery production is highly toxic and one single accident can pollute groundwater and soil for generations; not an unlikely outcome consider many producers are located in places like China to lower costs because of lacking regulation and worker safety.

Gee it's like you don't understand how things are built at scale. "You don't use that much of X" sounds like the same retarded "Food comes from the store" argument to me.

I used to make cars in a factory, I know what an economy of scale looks like up close; watch hundreds of coils of aluminum come in on trucks every day, run them through the stamping presses and cut out thousands of parts per day; each one a new car to be made.

"They don't use that much [material]" is one of the dumbest fucking things to think when you're demanding an economy of scale to replace billions of cars. Billions, of, cars.

Okay; let's break this down "They don't use that much lithium" - on average the battery pack of an EV can range from 15-25 pounds of lithium; for the sake of simplifying, we'll use 20 pounds.

In a single EV, there is only 20 pounds of lithium; again for the sake of simplifying things, we'll skip everything else and just assume we get refined and processed lithium and aren't calculating any of that process; nor factoring in any of the other required materials for making batteries, or cars... so, just a flat 20ibs of lithium.

Ford can produce an average of 400-600 F-150's per day at the single plant producing them; I'm using the F-150 because it's one of the few mass produced vehicles that come from almost exclusively one factory line; so, let's simplify it further.

We'll take the low average, 400 cars per day; every day for 365 days; that's 146,000 cars; If all of them were an EV; that'd be 2,920,000ibs of lithium per year.

Edit; I wanted to go further, I think I need to make it clear.

The above example is one factory making an unsatisfactory amount of vehicles for the "current demand" (Gov't forced demand) for EV's.

So, let's expand this:

20 factories, making 400 cars per day; a fairly low, but generous supply across multiple brands; That's 2,920,000 EV's per year; or 58,400,000ibs of lithium required per year. - for less than 3 million cars, per year.

But wait, there's more!

California has a population of 39 million; and a reported 17 million registered vehicle.

To replace every single car in just California would require 340,000,000ibs of lithium.

Europe reported in 2018, 292,000,000 registered passenger vehicles.

to replace every car in Europe would require, 5,840,000,000ibs of lithium.

Or 6,180,000,000ibs, for JUST Europe and California; nowhere else in the world.

But nah, it's cool homie, "They don't use that much lithium" - we literally do not have enough lithium on this fucking planet to make figures like this.

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The failure of logic that breaks NPC's when you have the conversation about the differing regimes, and that Communism in total has killed a magnitude more people and caused vastly more suffering...

Then bring up why it's perfectly acceptable to have communist symbiology in public, but so much as showing a swastika is super-duper-ultra-offensive!

If you're going to ban imagery of Nazi's and Swastikas, all I'm asking for is fairly applying that to Communist images and symbols too for the same exact reason.

If you're not going to ban the use or display of communist imagery and symbols, stop suppressing Nazi imagery and Swastikas; fair 's fair.

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And the same people who are worried about being called names from the left, have diligently accepted the MSM pre-approved-narrative "omg, this guy said something good about Nazi's!" "QUICKLY MUST DISTINCE OURSELVES FROM THEM!" "MSM would call him crazy, we can't let him anywhere near us!"

Meanwhile, the entire DNC and RNC are expediting trillions of dollars to the bastardized remains of Nazi's in Ukraine...

I don't really give a shit what he says; but the more he speaks about what media will pre-judge as crazy, the more inclined I am to at least hear him out.

that's just my take; if you're on this site, and you instantly jumped to "reee he said something about Nazi's" and have now updated your NPC card to "Ye is crazy" - you're a fucking NPC clown, no better than a lefty; you're trying to apply fucking purity tests to everyone, you're starting to revere Trump like a false idol beyond reproached, and worst of all, you're weak, you just sucked off the media narrative; you might say being called a "Nazi" doesn't even phase you anymore; yet, someone says they love Jews and Nazi's and want to see the best in everyone; and you instantly jump away "I'm not a Nazi, I don't support Nazis!" "We can't let this person near "our" movement" - you're still programmed.

I'm indifferent to all of this, at most it's amusing to me to watch it all happen.

But what really disappoints me is just seeing how many retards on here are still programmed by MSM, despite their claims not to be; they'll put up every MSM headline and respond to it as if it were truth; they'll put up MSM "data" and claim things like "I can't believe this; why do so many people vote this way!" - it's all lies, and you still believe it.

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Yes but at least it's good for the environment. Just plug it in and go. No pollution

The hundreds of barrels of oil used to dig up the minerals used in the batteries; the massive scars upon the earth to dig it all up, the hundreds of barrels of oil used to refine them into batteries; the massive pools of toxic slurry from the processing of lithium batteries, the hundreds of barrels of oil used to ship them from China to the US, the hundreds of barrels of oil/tons of coal used to charge it from your local power plant; and the power grid that can't even handle less than 1% of the population driving an EV.

Yeah, super clean and good for the environment, you're just exporting your pollution and environmental damage somewhere else. "I don't see pollution, so there is none!"

Vehicle total lifespan of about 10-12 years; if the battery dies or malfunctions out of warrantee repairs are easily double the value of the vehicle (just means there can't be a secondary market for used EV's - use once, dispose - super fucking green), lack of proper disposal facilities to safely and cleanly dispose of the useless batteries and worthless husks of cars; will mean massive yards of EV's parked for decades - likely allowing them to rot, will see mass fires, and groundwater pollution anywhere EV's are sent to die, general firer hazard; batteries in general always present a fire hazard, modern batteries are also much more delicate and prone to failure than older lead-acid batteries; if they get too hot, they can burst causing a short, explosion, and fire; thousands of individual battery cells going off in a chain is next to impossible to put out and creates so many toxic byproducts when burned.

But one barrel of oil could power my shitty 1990's pickup truck for thousands of miles, and the amount of pollutants it puts out over it's lifetime is negligible compared to what it takes to make just one battery for an EV; the same shitty 1990's pickup that if were an EV would have had to be "recycled" three times over by now because no one will every be able to afford "repairs" to an EV battery pack against the cost of the car.

Nothing humans do is "better for the environment" - and EV's are by leaps and bounds one of the single worst man-made natural disasters to ever curse this planet; fallowed only by "wind farms" that destroy woodlands, coasts, and marine life; and "Solar Farms" that blanket hundreds of square miles of land to soak up nary a percent of the output of a single barrel of oil; all three of such, requiring thousands of times more oil based products to create than they will ever return in lifetime.

I just wanted to drive the point home for any more eco-freaks that just because you don't see the damage you're causing; doesn't mean it isn't there. You're a fucking plague upon this world.

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California is cursed; it's beauty is clearly intoxicating, literally.

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The problem for the NWO, and greenfags who want this so they can grift massive amounts of money into their pockets; EV's have consistently failed to breakout of a very small boutique market.

They've been around for over 130 years, and only with the "help" of immense gov't regulation against everything else could they still not break out of a boutique market, but be legally "mandated" to be the only option.

Without all the Gov't meddling, Tesla likely might have still been one of the first and only major EV makers to ever break the trend and hit a slightly wider commercial market; because up until Elon, EV's were ALWAYS designed and marketed as "economical alternatives" - Tesla marketed them as a toy, not your daily driver; then started adding to the roster the kind of cars you buy your wife who isn't driving 300 miles a day for work, just a car to drive from the house to pick up the kids, and do grocery runs. Not a shit-eco-box that you get because you're lol-poor and can't afford gas like everyone else.


You're using logic, and common sense; that's why this isn't adding up.

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I think you're an order of magnitude away from just how stupid/ignorant the people we're dealing with are.

We're dealing with "Food comes from the store" levels of ignorant; they have some money and wealth now, and are devaluing our money and actively working to fuck our economy and infrastructure; they'll be just as destitute when their EV doesn't work, there's no jet fuel to fly to their little gay meetings, and no one in a thousand miles has anything but the shit they want to feed us to cater for them.

They think they're going to remain "in power" when the power goes out; that's reserved for the string pullers, not the puppets.

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In a nation where you can sue anything or anyone for anything or anyone.

being pre-judged for "Reckless filing" sure dose sound like an easy open and shut case.

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AS is HQ'ed in Atlanta... no shock they're gay as fuck.

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Didn't think you were, just going for the "I shitpost a lot" line.

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Don't have to; I spent 4 years working for a company that had me monitoring nurses social media for "possible legal violations that could involve the company"

Mostly HIPPA and privacy law violations; but this is what made me make an actual "dating rules list" - and number one "Never date a nurse or doctor" - second "Never date someone in any medical field"

For every single good one that is honestly trying to help people, you get about ten thousand terrible ones that are there just for money, and in that probably 100 that are just straight up psychopaths that want to kill you.

The stories after the fact are one thing, but reading every waking thought of thousands of nurses day after day did far more to fuck my mind than anything else, even deathcare and working with corpses was less straining on my mind.

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Nope, no backing out now.

"Full EV's by 2030" go suck your own dick Europe, you fucking dug the grave, now get in.

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Killing bad people is within Christian values too.

And yet, here we are.

Sitting on our computers while pedophiles and actual demons walk the earth; sitting in power in almost every craves of our nation...

But dare say we need to do anything violent to correct that problem


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Bro, chill, it's just a joke because rabid leftists are this stupid and wore out the "but muh they're a Nazi" argument.

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Killing the people who rig elections?

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I honestly just want to take a torch and go cutting down windmills like giant trees; at least once my life.

And yes, I'd shout "TIMBER" as it falls over.

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In the long run, I'd like to say: "Congrats, you destroyed America, you ruined it; you killed the only nation on earth where you could be a degenerate faggot, or a black supremacist and get paid to do it." - "Now, I'd like to ask what you plan to do; EBT is gone, the USD is worthless, and you have nothing - you were eager pawns to the state that destroyed this nation, and you have nothing left"

"I can rebuild; you will die destitute in a hole if your masters so decide" - "I learned to create, you only know how to destroy" - "You were taught to be a slave, I learned to be free" - "So now what?" "Now we're both free men in this world, but I know how to be free" - "You will beg to be a slave if it means a crumb of bread to eat; that's all you know, obey"

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I'm sure the fruits go nuts to butts with him.

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Yes, let's put people into the system they use and abuse to keep us in line; I'm sure the corrupt prison system will keep them locked up.


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Clown world is basically a drug, and most people are getting to the end of the line in terms of their high; they've built up a resistance and soon they simply can't get anything out of it.

Just wait till people can't "get clowned up" anymore, and they have to stare into the dark void of reality they helped create.

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No peak in clown world is starting to wrap back around to the other side.

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