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As a descendant of a slave, I understand human nature. You would not care about my freedom if your freedom were in peril. And that’s what this was about. People protecting their sovereignty above all. Which, again, I think is righteous.

Slavery, itself was not a popular institution. If you’d put the institution to a vote, it would have lost. This does not mean the same people would have believed blacks were or should be equal to whites but as Christians most abhorred the institution.

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Only an imbecile doesn’t understand the nuance of understanding their just cause while disliking them and what they stand for. Smooth brain.

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You’re being emotional. 🙄

Yes, yes, yes. Fuck slavery. But this wasn’t about slavery. It was about sovereignty using slavery as the skin suit.

And it was a perfect issue to take away power from some problem states.

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This is the gray area of the civil war.

It was sovereignty for defined citizens of the state.

That definition of citizen had already been established.

It was the north that, again rightly, wanted to mandate that change without consent.

It doesn’t matter if it was morally correct. My sovereignty is more important than your morality. And that’s where fighting begins.

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The people who fought for the south weren’t fighting to ‘own people’. In fact, most soldiers were poor and slavery hurt them financially. They were fighting for sovereignty. The absolute right for a government from far away to not tell them what to do.

Is that right, just and honorable?? Fuck yes.

Is it for the purposes of owning people? Fuck no.

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You could be a kid fucker. If someone forcibly removed you from your land without recourse, you’re absolutely morally correct going ham.

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They were politically correct in that fighting for states rights, sovereignty, was absolutely the correct thing to do. Doing it for the purposes of slavery was morally incorrect.

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Many pilots are TDSers. Shocked me.

He knew damn well that shutting off the engines wouldn’t have brought down the plane. So this has to be attention seeking.

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It’s a xim/xer.

Opinions are trash.

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That vax started getting traction right around the time I was in high school. And I remember getting pressured to take it.

Never did because as long as I wasn’t going to be a whore, it seemed like then I could avoid cervical cancer.

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Yeah. Not one of those videos made it to Twitter. You heard from a friend who heard from a cousin who said Joe Biden said that he saw videos.

There hasn’t been ONE issue getting brutal videos. Just these.

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It’s a lie.

Want to know why? The IDF would have video of finding the atrocity and would have been released, redact d to the public.

You’re relying on a bullshit image that doesn’t show what it says it shows AND a bunch of ‘authoritative’ people saying they saw something.

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It AI. It takes data points from places we can’t even think to extract data.

The left can only wack-a-mole so many sources to fit their narrative.

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