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I love how i am being downvoted for saying vote for the pro trump candidate not the person who use to work with Jeb bush.... Robby is america 1st and supports trump through and through.

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Democrats know once they lose control of house/senate this will only be used against them. Wont work for them and blowback as everything else usually does

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Biden agenda is dead lets be real - they will not pass anything of major value. Reminder they only have until spring then it will be campaign season.

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Control over all branches of government but its the GOPs fault looll..... Their own party is the problem. Dem agenda go buh byeeee

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Still dont trust him - he knows trump is in charge of the GOP and is afraid of betraying him anymore.

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He is being charged with seditious conspiracy. No offense but this wont stand in a court lol.... Bogus charges.

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How do i get it in tho?

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Because they are lying. They didnt interview fuck all - they know if they expose Ray Epps their whole committee and narrative falls apart. FUCK YOU

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Today is the day to unplug from any news - it will be MY FEELINGS HURT all day today

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They keep claiming so many people died jan 6 - the only deaths that have occurred are those of Trump supporters. Remember when they claimed the officer who died of a heart attack was killed by a trump supporter? Then his own family said that wasnt true.

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They will be talking about this every year forever - fucking clowns

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reminder to only focus on one week not the whole year as a whole - some leftoid logic

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