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Stupid video full of old cliches. Trump must really still be in control/president or we wouldn’t see this type of crazy propoganda.

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Like they would tell you?

“Hey let me tell you about that time Uncle Joe touched my penis when I was 7”

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So many faggot forum brigadiers here now trying to flip supporters.

Suck a dick.

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The FBI are infected with a sentient strain of alien parasite that turn them all into humongous faggots.

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I hope “Ashleigh” (stupid cunt spelling) gets a diversity injection from a migrant dreamer.

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By then I will have nothing to lose.

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Fuck off commie.

Come at me with your downvotes, faggots.

This is TheDonald.Motherfuckingwin

I support Trump and he supports ME!

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What an absolute shit poker he is. 2A is literally the only reason the 1A exists, which is the only reason he can even grand stand on twitter.

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The Biden Regime would sooner shit into our open mouths and call it gourmet gelato than ever tell the truth.

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Death is preferable than to acquiesce to the behest of faggots.

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Yeah but in this instance the people pretending to be injured are obviously actors.

One guy rubbing his leg is acting like it just happened, like he’s waking up, so the guy filming started rolling the camera RIGHT when it happened? They have no injuries, yet we are to believe they were all knocked unconsicous.


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This has got to be propaganda theatre. That semi truck is BRAND FUCKING NEW, not a bit of dirt on the under carriage, no rust, not wear, LMAO.

All those guys pretending to lay around, while the other film crew rolls the tape.

This is obviously fake as fuck, so my question is, why??

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