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His glasses are like two different styles of glasses glued together...lol

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specifically increased risk of cardiac events, arrhythmias and qt prolongation

I remember this from our ('our' as in here on pdw) debunking of the lancet article that tried to confuckulate (conflate) heart issues with hydroxychloroquine and their experiment bundled the two....total transfer propaganda. We caught them, and other MDs took notice, called them out and Lancet has lost credibilty and had to issue a retraction

That started here btw. BE PROUD.

this was proof positive that lancet was a cia deepstate mockingbird outlet posing as a medical research authority

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I like the one with the baby negrork better

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Time to raise the Barr

that has bagpipes' head in a noose

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In my apprently wildly unpopular opinion John Wick is a terrible series. I love Keanu, and I hate these films. What's better is watching Keanu train for wick at the shooting range. I have to admit, I got a little hard.

Wick, however, is spiritually, intellectually hollow, hyperviolent to the point of absurdity; and I complain about this because films represent our culture...what does John Wick say about us? :/

But if you want that, then you got it.

I am partly at fault because I clicked "like" on "Shootem up" with clive owen which I think may have been the first hollow hyperviolent film of this apparently new type of genre.

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Nah they are pretty gay. Have you heard every young male speak? wow.

I'm pretty sure Gen Z would love an action movie where the two superqueeroes fight each other by fly-fisting each other.... and explosions and lightning... and they're trying to stop the climate change

Movies suck these days. That's why I want a netflix filter by decade so I can watch 70s and 80s films

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Now do mushrooms

science shows mushrooms may actually reverse the widespread mental illness in this country. pot however, it's a mixed bag

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Someone here is going to get bent out of shape thinking I'm promoting RFK jr on this site or thinking of voting for him. Let me stop you there. I am not.

I'm for Trump, 100%. But RFK is a good second choice; but more importantly, he's a wedge for the dems even though he's an independent now. They are scared of him, and that's good. That's what I'm saying. So save your outrage for actual shill redditors and for the dem party, my critics in this post will likely have a miniscule fraction of my site karma

Their comparison of RFK to Trump as a "flim flam man" falls short because we all know their 'flim flam' smear on Trump is as fake as their news....so a comparison would be fake too

Their comparison of RFK to the Clintons (which they cloak as 'corrupt republicans' or 'corporatists') fails too because though he made a lot of money, HE DID IT THE LAWFUL WAY, thrrough charitiies and shit. It's how america does politics...what? They're mad that RFK succeeded at a game they created?

They cannot slap themselves with their own rulestick, as they say in China

We should support RFK jr. now, instead of fighting him, because it's become clear he's a bigger threat to the DNC and to the Dems than he will ever be to Trump

Trump will win, but RFK is going to ensure it's impossible for them to cheat

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Not anymore it doesn't.

By the US military's own words, we're in a 5th generational war, which means that the media is used in warfare

They are welcome to rescind their definition and cease and desist all 5th gen warfare activities (including IIA interactive Internet Activities---usmilitary trolling here in this forum), if that will protect their precious kriminal klan.


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No one actually cares about this stuff

Save your internal drama for your CIA mama

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