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More and more, I think the powers that be are trying to force us to live in a hive city from Warhammer 40k. Notice he never mentions actually leaving his hive to visit anywhere else. Why bother? The other hive cities are essentially identical, and no one visits the wastes outside. Notice he never mentions a family. Why would he need one? The State is his family now. I wonder if he ever asks himself how long the "free" food and services will be provided to him once he is no longer useful?

Eat the corpse starch, live in the hive cell, vote democrat

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Just like the first one? And the second one, and the third one? Unless the fourth is the one that finally kills you, I guess that will last forever

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My brother had it and is fine. He is pure of blood. I know two people who are vaccinated and they also had it. They are fine as well. Do the right thing, frens. Reply or your dinger will never work again.

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Harsh, but probably correct. Once upon a time it seemed like a good idea for society (the government) to step in and protect kids from abusive parents. Fast forward to now where the government considers children to be its own property and will take kids away from parents who don't want their children to be "transitioned" (sterilized) by said government.

Maybe it's best to accept that some kids will suffer because they were born into a terrible household, so that the majority of kids can be raised right by loving parents who genuinely strive to do the best for their kids

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So? It's only a problem when a cop pulls the trigger. That's the message, right?

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A football is about a foot long. It's pretty obvious. If the Europeans used feet instead of centiliters or whatever communistic measurement system they use over there to measure their balls, maybe they could have sent men to the moon too.

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Why don't the pregnant people just self-identify as fully vaccinated? Seems like it would save some trouble

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ID required to pay taxes, but voter ID is racist. I wonder if that says anything about the people that the Democrats so desperately want to vote?

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Interesting. Looking forward to confirmation and explanation

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I really wish people would stop using such vague terms as "sexually assaulted". What did the kid do? "Sexual assault" could mean anything from an unwanted shoulder rub to violent rape. Both are bad, but they're not the same, are they? For a shoulder rub a suspension seems a bit harsh, but given the schools today a 1-day suspension for rape sounds plausible. His outrage is probably justified, but I can't join the outrage mob without knowing what we're outraged about

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Except for a boom in the second half of October, the whole market has been bad ever since summer. Let's go Brandon! Netflix does deserve to die though

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Good to see him coming around. I was watching him back in the spring and summer of 2020, and he was coming off as a globalist shill long after the Big Lie was becoming apparent. Better late than never

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It will take more than an election to reverse things. Four years of President Trump didn't stop the rot, did it?

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Purple hair is a bit of a red flag though

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We aren't going to primary anyone who gets a Trump endorsement

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If there is any question why the pothead who talks about aliens and MMA provides better medical advice than the medical community, consider how our current generation of doctors is being taught:


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I came here to post this. Obummer liked to drop bombs on people with nothing bigger than a 7.62 round but was all too eager to wave the white flag for anyone with something bigger, so Russia, China, Iran, and NK started taking bites out of their neighbors.

Trump walked the line between not wanting war, but acting just crazy enough to make our enemies think twice, and we enjoyed four years of peace and prosperity.

China got Sleepy Creepy Joe in and it's back to the brink of war

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