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eh, that's their intention but, as we're seeing, it doesn't work. entertainment is only popular when it tells a compelling story -- and stories are devices that depend upon truth.

reality has a voice, consumers have a voice, and both of them are stronger than the woke mob.

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glowies who hang out here come to agree with us. so with this person. thanks for sending us a new convert.

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one of the rules of evil is, they have to show you what they're doing, so that it's your fault if you allow it

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It’s 100%. Anybody who makes less than $50k a year knows that.

The cost of gas now is double the cost of gas on Trump’s last day in office.

The cost of a pack of smokes now is double the cost of a pack of smokes on Trump’s last day in office.

The cost of a cart of groceries now is double the cost of a cart of groceries on Trump’s last day in office.

That middle class paycheck hasn’t doubled. It now buys half of what it used to.

Inflation is not up 4%, or 10%, or 15%, or 93%. It’s up 100% in 14 months. And the only thing that has changed is the guy sitting in the White House.

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No, I’m not. I don’t want to go to war for Ukraine.

All I’m saying is, maintain your sanity and know who is responsible for this situation, and who is to blame. Putin is committing a war crime right now, not Ukraine or Joe Biden.

If you claim that Putin is justified here, you’re done. You lose all your credibility, and with it, all your power.

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Yes, there is no political solution. Washington cannot convict itself.

But, if we got to the point where pardons started kicking in, the government would have lost all credibility with the people — and as you’re seeing right now in Ukraine, if the people unite against you, it’s virtually impossible to succeed.

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Is that because executive privilege can shield Barry’s cronies but not Hillary’s?

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Some people just say, whatever MSM says I’ll assume the opposite is true. That’s a pretty good strategy most of the time. But even a broken clock is right twice a day. People need to come their senses on this one.

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Seriously dude. The responses on here to this invasion are some of the most retarded things I’ve ever seen. Some of them are as retarded as the things the left were saying seven years ago that caused millions of people to leave them in disgust.

You can have Trump, or you can have Putin. You cannot have both.

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Then the time to dispute that was 2014, not 2022. It does not justify this invasion, which is illegal and is immoral. Ukraine is a sovereign country now, whether or not you think it used to be one.

Putin is wrong, and if you can’t acknowledge that, you don’t belong here. This is a pro-America place, not a pro-Kremlin place.

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Doesn’t change the fact that Russia’s invasion is illegal and immoral.

Not everything has to be us vs. them. Both us and them can agree on repelling this invasion.

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Honestly dude, I’m over the gender talking points. There are two. End of discussion. Why are we still talking about this ten years later.

Mocking this shit was effective in like 2015. It’s not anymore. Everyone knows trannies are mentally ill perverts, including trannies.

How bout instead we talk about the fact that our government is run by satanic pedophiles.

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The Russians spent 27 million lives to halt, reverse, and ultimately crush the Nazis. They are fearless warriors.

We have a transsexual admiral.

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The year is 2032. The world is a barren desert of nuclear glass. A single tumbleweed blows past. The wind whispers, two more weeks

by Arkham
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I’m not on the list, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s fake. Entirely possible that I donated outside the window of collected information.

by Arkham
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glowies: WE DOX U 4 PROFANITY 🤬

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You mean like some kind of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome?

by Arkham
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Yup. Use this tool to organize.

by Arkham
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This is the right way to look at it. They want you to feel isolated and scared. Use this opportunity to organize with like minded folks. You now have the tools to connect and work with 100,000+ of the most driven and dedicated Christian political activists in America. Use it.

by yuppa
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Corporate fascism.

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