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Trump airport rallies and the like are successful public demonstrations by President Trump’s legitimate base. They are promoted all over this website, which is one of the largest grassroots pro-Trump online platforms. The MAGA movement exercises our right to peaceably assemble all the time.

Meanwhile Charlottesville and Patriot’s Front have almost no digital footprint. Who are their leaders? There spokesmen? I can name conservative organizers like Charlie Kirk and Nick Fuentes, whether or not I agree with them. I couldn’t tell you the name of a single person affiliated with these other groups, and I’ve looked. You can trace Patriot’s Front all the way back to Charlottesville but there isn’t much to them. Just a convenient group of demonstrators who’s optics fit very fake news definition of a white nationalist.

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Normally I don’t explain my memes. But in this case…

It’s in response to some of the Patriot Front memes that have been going around. Like this one on gab.


The idea that we accused PF of being glowies because they are in shape and organized and we’re hiding behind our keyboards and a certain… ahem… body type.

I’m being sincere. I love trump. I love this community. I love tendies.

And patriots front glows in the fucking dark.

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Please even the feds have standards. I literally couldn’t sleep last night because someone called me a retard in discord.

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Observe the autistic in his natural habitat. See how he focuses on a seemingly irrelevant detail despite social queues to the contrary.

Fascinating creatures.

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Go where you are cherished, not where you are tolerated.

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Yeah they don’t relax in South America. They don’t have a constant barrage of (((media))) telling them how racist it is to notice things. Two young hoodlums come walking up to me you bet your ass I’m ready to draw.

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And I saw Trump in the closet with Vladimir Putin. And they were making babies. And one of the babies looked at me.

God want an embarrassment. I blame the GOP. The opposition party is supposed to go after the president. The GOP is supposed to circle the wagons. Don’t give those traitors a cent.

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They are wearing mask because they are less attractive than the featured idols.

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Aww :blush: you ain’t so shabby yourself, pede

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Some roastie in a Nissan isn’t your enemy, pede. She’s just as much a victim of clown world as you are. They keep us at each others throats while the real enemy rubs his hands together.

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Did it die in the senate?

Amazing how right after they push all this anti lynching nonsense all of a sudden joggers have amped up things that will get you actually lynched for…

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Meh don’t fuck with people’s cars or any private property for that matter. Not cool no matter how big of a faggot they are.

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He set her up to dodge that question. Is that Doucy? Controlled opposition. Put Alex Jones and Crowder and Dave Rubin in there and then you’ll have a press pool.

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Are you kidding? You pick up a rifle and you start walking towards the trouble not away from it.

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Oh Christ are we mgtow now?

You can do all of this and still absolutely drown in pussy. Join a fucking gym.

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About 300k a year. Don’t forget about all the coal burners trying to bury their shame.

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He’s hit a lot of strong points

November 3rd was the real insurrection

BLM kills cops

$5 gallon gas hike

highest inflation in 40 years

global carbon tax

border is in worst position in history

country is in worst position in history

152-2 on endorsements

Watch it. MAGA.

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