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North Carolina is one of those states that has the death penalty on the books but doesn’t actually kill anybody. Last execution was 2006.

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meh they just kicked the can down the road like they have been doing for years. DACA continues to bounce around the courts because the elites are fine with the American middle class being replaced - and a time is coming where they are going to drop the pretext of pretending they aren't altogether.

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You should celebrate pede. You’ll have lots of jobs in your life and if there is one thing I’ve learned is that you’ll stay at most of them for too long.

Think of yourself as dead. You have lived your life. Now, take what's left and live it properly.

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I’ll admit to be a little concerned about TWICE’s safety. They should be relocated just in case. Some place nobody would think to look for them, like, say, my one bedroom apartment.

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Kek this is one of my favorite so far

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She kinda looks like a dude desu

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I feel attacked by the logo on the right

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Shapeshifter. For those that need a reminder this guy ran up to Kyle with his hands raised when Kyle was on the ground. Kyle lowered his rifle and Gaige immediately went through to grab it. Fucking shapeshifter. He’s all crust punked here but when he showed up at court he was all clean and humble. At least until Kyle’s lawyers showed the jury what Gaige had done frame by frame. Once again he changed his shape, shoulders slumped head went down. He knew he wasn’t going to be the antifa darling who’s testimony put racist Kyle Rittenhouse behind bars.

Now I hear he wants to change his name because he is getting threats. Amazing how that happens when you participate in the burning of American cities and try to murder a kid in the process.

Leave a light on, Gaige.

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You’d think by now I’d be able to tell Asians apart.

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Is this the guy with the Twitter account?

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Reddit is a ghost town these days. Most of the accounts are bots.

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Nukes aren’t real and space is fake and gay. Anyone who watched the soy state cream its collective jeans over the Webb telescope pics should know that nothing about science is what we were taught. Read your Bible. Christ is King.

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Agree. It not as hard to stand your ground when you have some savings and life experience. But some kid to take a stand like this gets my respect.

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You can't rape property because property has no right of refusal. If I want to fill a rubber glove full of jelly and stick my cock it what is the glove going to do, sue me? It's my fucking glove.

Same goes for black women prior to 1863.

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