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If global warming is real why did the Obama's by 30 acres of waterfront property on Martha's Vineyard?

A better question would be how did they pay for it...

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Hello I am a Capitol Police Officer. I am probably going to get in trouble for this, but fuck it.

You see, I am currently in possession of information that could lead to the arrest and incarceration of Hi

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I’m not hard to find. IRS know where I am and I’m sure the alphabet agencies do to. Come by anytime.

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No my job is my actual job. Something Republican voters have but democrats joke.

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kek yeah keep telling yourself that.

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The Jew can’t resist jewing the Jew.

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This is the daughter of some UK Swamp Creature btw. Makes sense there is a lot of kiddie fiddlin' going on in Jolly Old.

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man if the Obamas had a son... what a red pill that little felon would be. Make Hunter Biden look like a boy scout.

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what the fuck did you just say to me you little bitch?

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you cropped out the man tits. They are key to this meme. Do better, newfag.

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I feel cheated

I'm upset.

I'm exhausted.

#Me me me!

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face tattoos means butt stuff as as kid.

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meh lets not call 4chan the last bastion of free thought quite yet. It is still mostly about masturbating to anime.

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