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Why aren't you out there with them, you sure are advocating them in many posts. What's your deal? These idiots are the same assholes who lighted tiki torches in Charlottesville, we sure won hearts and minds by that debacle, didn't we.

They have nothing to do with us, and they look like a bunch of FBI faggots.

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Maybe I'm different, but I hated the holiday parties, I started at the bottom and finished at almost the very top of management and my feelings never changed. I spent most of my time at work and thinking about work, during the holidays I wanted to spend time with my family, not more time at work.

Glad to hear it's working out well for you.

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These are the "Unite the Right" faggots who changed their name after the debacle in Charlottesville. They are probably funded by Soros as controlled opposition and to smear all of us.

"The Patriot Front is led by Thomas Ryan Rousseau. Rousseau was a teenager in Fort Worth, Texas, at the time he founded the group. Rousseau had taken control of Vanguard America's web server and Discord channel several weeks prior to the Unite the Right rally, which Rousseau had participated in as the leader of Vanguard America's contingent. Following the bad press arising from the rally, Rousseau left Vanguard. He used the group's domain name to form the Patriot Front as an ostensibly new group, and recruit rally participants, although most of the Patriot Front's members were former Vanguard members initially.[1] Rousseau has repeatedly been arrested for posting flyers and stickers which promote the group.[11][12]

As with Vanguard America, Patriot Front supports a version of white-centered morality compatible with the morals of fascists across America, along support for closed borders, personal fitness, and authoritarian government.[1] "

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I've been following this group for 3 years and they do like actual combat training together and practice formations.

Where have you been following them - source or get the fuck out. Otherwise you are a glowie.

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What they and many don't realize is that it isn't President Trump's personality that motivates his base, it's the fact that he is one of the very few voices that is truthful and he is strong enough to overcome everything thrown at him to represent us when everyone else can be bullied into silence. He is unique and we need to elect far more like him in order to battle against virtually every institution aligned against us.

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This post is entirely misleading, and likely the reason for the date missing on the tweet.

Norway has imposed restrictions again because of the new variant.

"National measures reintroduced because of Omicron

Around two months after Norway’s national measures were lifted by former prime minister Erna Solberg, her replacement Jonas Gahr Støre has announced their return.

The basis for the return of national measures is the discovery of the new Omicron variant in Norway, plus the general high numbers of cases, hospitalisations and deaths over the past three weeks.

Nationally, the government is encouraging the use of home-office where possible and face masks where social distancing cannot be maintained. There are also stricter requirements for quarantine and testing of close contacts following a positive test. Municipalities have the option to introduce stricter measures.

Stronger measures have been introduced in the Oslo region and some other municipalities. These require the use of face masks in public areas such as shops and public transport. Only table service is permitted in premises that serve alcohol, with mandatory customer registration required."


Why post bullshit, what is your motive?

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Fucking common sense is disappearing. You have responses in your thread where vaccinated people can't see their grandchildren.

Why can't people just be normal, Western countries are falling apart at the seams, fueled by senseless fear.

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This is based off of a politico article. So now we post their bullshit, and attack President Trump based on their constant propaganda.

From the original article:

"But according to three people briefed on the call, Trump told McIntosh the commercials could have the effect of driving down his popularity in Ohio, which he won by 8 percentage points in the 2020 election. Prior to the call, Trump had been stewing over the ads and had complained about them to people in his circle."


So we take "three people briefed on the call" as fact from an obvious hit piece and attack President Trump on a site intended to be a never-ending rally.

WTF is happening around here.

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Your post history is a big fat mess, constantly spewing vile.

It's like you are a glowie, or someone posting shit to get us cancelled, or just a retard. Either way, it's all the same, you contribute absolutely zero to this site.

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Or the band on the deck of the Titanic is playing your favorite song.

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They are weak people who feel the need to virtue signal to stay as members of the woke crowd. They aren't worth your time or effort, it would be no different than trying to debate a deranged leftist with TDS on Reddit. You just can't fix stupid.

Maybe they will eventually come around, but I doubt it. Best of luck to you.

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Anaconda constantly shitted on MAGA people, especially patriots like DeSantis. Once in awhile, while shitting on MAGA types he got it right when we discovered they were cucks all along, like Pence, or Tucker.

He used many alts that resulted in good comments being obscured and idiotic posts being upvoted.

He was/is a disruptive asshole to the MAGA agenda, and to this site. No doubt he's still here and is using his alts.

I'm pretty sure he is from Europe or Australia, most of his posts happened in the middle of the night (I'm in NJ, but an insomniac).

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Many of us have been banned everywhere, in my case mostly for providing links to peer-reviewed Ivermectin studies that prove it's effectiveness.

I've burned through many Reddit accounts, simply by providing facts. It's crazy.

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Family is more important than politics, avoid political conversations as much as possible, but I'd drop a few simple easy to understand red pills anyway like - this inflation is really hurting us, gas prices are through the roof. I'm concerned about the debt impacting your grandchildren's future. Why are so many vaccinated people being hospitalized? Isn't it strange that people who have developed superior natural immunity because they caught the covid are being fired by the mandate that doesn't even consider natural immunity? How come therapeutics that treat the disease are hardly every discussed?

I hope for your wife's sake, everything turns out OK and if it get's too intense, take a long walk with your kids and give them a chance to talk, it's far more likely they will listen to and respect her wishes, even if the wish is a simple please shut the fuck up.

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Staff has staff only bathrooms, that isn't very inclusive, is it? These clowns are destroying the fabric of our society.

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Maybe it was the same situation as my wife's outpatient clinic? Nobody was allowed to enter the building except for the patient. Everyone else had to wait in their cars or be called when the procedure was done to pick up the patient. We've been there a few times before when things were normal and it was crowded. I didn't see any other people other than my wife. Strange times.

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Institute mandate, millions lose jobs. Thousands employed to backfill as a result, MSM reports tremendous job gains.

The MSM is literally the enemy of the people. Imagine what we could have if they weren't lying, propagandist activist leftists.

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I really feel for you. His eyes lit up when talking to me, it was obvious he didn't get a chance to talk freely. I'm retired, so I feel free to talk about anything, most importantly, protecting my grandchildren from this insanity.

He clearly was angry at Fauci and bureaucrats who are driving treatment policy and taking tools out of the hands of Doctors. I don't know how we ever reached a point where Doctors can't use effective, available tools at their disposal. Why do I have to jump through hoops to acquire a treatment that is safe and effective? Why is he not even able to get it via normal channels?

Our system is clearly broken, President Trump created awareness to a portion of the electorate on how broken we are right now. I'm not sure we can ever get back what we lost.

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Go to alldaychemist.com

Payment was difficult, we sent a bank check to their clearance house in Atlanta. Maybe you can figure out something better when you order from their site. So far, no prescription required.

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