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4chan fiction shit post. Owns the business, but then ends the post with worried about it costing his job.

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Reporting from a shore resort town in Southern NJ. We are CROWDED beyond belief. Restaurants full, beaches full, inter-coastal full.

Hardly anyone wearing a mask, maybe one out of a hundred at most. Right now, it's over but I don't trust Gov. Murphy.

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Yep, lying, cheating, stealing assholes that will exploit people without conscience.

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He mad sure vaccines were a priority. The pharmaceutical companies designed and created the vaccines. If they are defective, it's on them, not Trump.

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No, I haven't seen an uptick at all and the number of posts against the vaccine has made this sub into an anti-vax Covid site. There are FAR more posts on Covid than there is on massive election fraud and the stolen 2020 election and the status of audits.

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"I'd get the vaccine again, not because it's helpful, but moreso because I don't believe it's harmful"


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The problem with China is the CCP, not the Chinese people. The song reinforces this, Steve constantly reinforces that fact that our problem is not with the people, it's the Communist authoritarian Government.

The show itself is one of the best available to keep up with current events.

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I truly, truly hate the slave traders and owners. If I could go back in time, I'd wipe them all out.

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Years ago, I really enjoyed debate in the political discussion sub. When Hillary won the primary, overnight the decent mods were banned, good posters were banned and only leftist discussion was allowed.

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Normal people leave reddit and it ends up with a concentration of stupid that can't be fixed.

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That's the globalist plan. Divide us by race. Divide us by rich vs. poor. Divide and conquer, encourage hate of our Country and hate of our Countrymen.

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Fake Russia investigation, 2 fake impeachments and much, much more.

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Non stop Russia, Russia, Russia, an impeachment, another impeachment, hearings for 1/6 - basically non-stop harassment against us while the people who supposedly "represent" us do virtually nothing in return.

Trump is just about the only politician on our side with a set of balls.

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A bunch of pimply faced recent woman's studies college grads determine what is fact based on their communist handbook.

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Who are we talking about, the title is very confusing.

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