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Mask mandates has been the FBIs favorite tool of disguise in this political climate.

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10 bucks it was an Anaconda alt

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My hope is that we can bring it back in 2024. I frankly don’t think any other politician right now can replicate that kind of excitement.

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Just out of curiosity, how have y’all been responding to people saying DeSantis 2024 over Trump?

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Meet my new castration device…the paper shredder.

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I remember when all the self proclaimed “physicians” and “doctors” came out of the woodwork to accuse Trump of mental instability. Wonder where all these self-styled medical examiners went when Biden took office?

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Because she’s the only person who thought Biden had a viable chance at winning. Either that or she slept her way up. She definitely doesn’t act like someone who worked hard for their position.

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It will probably hold just as well as dipping his nuts through a paper shredder. But it doesn’t need to hold, only needs to punish.

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Those who aim for freedom without truth will never get true freedom. The truth will set you free.

What society needs is the truth. Where’s the puppet masters? Name them, shine a light on them and follow the money trail. Only then will we get true freedom.

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Tulsi Gabbard is the female version of Tim Pool if he got into politics. I really don’t get why we hate one but not the other.

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just saying what he needed to say to obscure his intentions so that he could hang on to his job long enough until it was too late…to do anything.

That’s the description of every RINO and half of Trumps administration, through no entirely Trumps fault.

People forget that the Never-Trumper Reince Preibus was the first secretary of staff and was responsible for creating the majority of the chaos and high turnover in the first two years of Trumps presidency among White House staff.

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RINOs are “infallible”, too. It’s really just outsiders.

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How about strung up from a lamppost by his nutsack.

Using barb wire

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I’ve got a bumper sticker that reads:

if you can read this, your vaccinated car might catch Covid from my unvaccinated car.

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Tell that to the ATF, I hear they like writing memos and sh!t.

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Well, the court is sealing the discussions and evidence with the Ghislaine Maxwell trial, so there’s nothing that’s going to be dug up. And anyone who presses for it will end up Epstein’d.

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To be fair, they boycotted taxes and govt overreach mostly. Nowadays we’re just half-a$$ing corporate boycotts, while we still watch the NFL, tweet from our iPhones, pay all our taxes, and follow ATF regulations like it even matters. I’m sure nobody here is planning on tax evasion even if the Build Back Better bill is on the verge of passing.

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By that logic, if you like

*law and order

*common public amenities

*utilities running to your house

*maintained roads

Then you must love government, right??

Oh yeah, it’s something called nuance…Just because the GOP is virtue-signaling to a lobby doesn’t mean that we should hate the industry, but it also doesn’t mean we should like the lobby either.

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