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West Collapses

When that happens, the Mexico border will actually be fortified, but for those trying to escape, not those coming in.

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I’m not holding my breath for the electorate to stand up next time, especially after seeing what happened to the J6ers who loitered too close to the Capitol.

The deep state might only have to steal the votes this time and not have to resort to their JFK option, but time will tell.

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Wife sounds like a classic case of Münchausen syndrome.

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The only thing that would have been funny about a Hillary presidency would have been Bill Clinton having to be in this line as a “former First Lady”, probably wearing the dress he was painted having on Epsteins Island.

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clearly, water became wetter after the election of Donald Trump. Our fact checkers are reporting that water is now 45% more wet and salty than it used to be as a result of the far right extremism.

MSM, probably

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Imagine having to be at the back of the line behind the Trumps. Must sting just a little…

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I think the goal is to have everything go crazy on January 21st, 2025.

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I think you’re on to something there…

Affordable Care Act - unaffordable

Patriot Act - unpatriotic

Concience Act - unconscionable

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act - anti-recovery

Farm Bill - anti-farmers

Amigos Act - anti-frens

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I’ve become convinced that the ones in power are trying to launder their last “earnings” the same way people bum rush for the bar on a last call on the eleventh hour when it’s on someone else’s tab.

It’s the taxpayers tab that will be horrendous when the music stops.

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I knew it was gone to the humanists as soon as the elf on the shelf trend picked up.

I’ve found it much easier to teach the kids about Jesus, not Santa, during Christmas.

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Hope it doesn’t take WW3 to make them realize the error of their ways…

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Meanwhile the things we actually should fear (The NWO) is slowly creeping up behind our backs ready to slit our throats.

Keep focusing on the nothingburgers, while we replace your real burgers with bugs, comrade!

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Nothing is real, the points don’t matter, whose line is it anyways?

The MSM seeking their next line of propaganda, probably

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When you have to go to war because you “signed” a treaty to defend another nation…almost like how the U.S. today is arguing that they “ have an obligation “ to send money, weapons, and troops to Ukraine and Israel.

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The flu “death” stats were manipulated to begin with, to try to sell flu shots.

Now the flu “deaths” are again being manipulated to sell Covid shots, that’s why the numbers don’t add up.

It’s like saying 81 million votes for FJB is a real number.

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Photo looks like 2020, not 2023.

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Unless you actually know who they are, it’s hard to say whether they’re paid actors or useful idiots in this day and age of TDS. Could even be a recycled photo from 2020 for all we know.

One things for sure: America is in crisis mode when the Republican Establishment, who are supposed to support the Republican Frontrunner, is trying their hardest to undermine him at all costs.

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If I was the one downvoting you and saying the term “zoomers” while saying I hate to be called a boomer, you’d get me dead to rights.

I don’t really care why you hate the term boomer, I’m just telling you people are going to keep saying it, regardless of how you feel about it.

You can stop caring or you can keep hating people who use it, really doesn’t affect me either way.

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I hate the term boomer

Can you imagine if Millennials and Gen Z here said they hated hearing stereotypes of their own generation? Or just hated the term “Millennial” or “Zoomers”? We’d all be telling them to suck it up. It would do us good to follow our own advice when they do the same.

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Some would say it already has, between the Sunni and Shia, but the one thing Islam does seemingly well is tribal-collectivism, where “apostasy” ( religious denominationalism) is executed before it’s allowed to show its fruit.

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His biggest mistake was proving he’s not MAGA at all by running in opposition to MAGA.

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